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M.N. Hopkins 7 July 2009

This site presents the first release of both excerpts of messages along with messages that are presented in their entirety. There will be future releases in which will contain never before read messages. I plan to continue to release new messages as long as there is an interest in these words to mankind.

These messages were given to me by four enlightened beings who many would refer to as angels. I simply refer to them as, The Friends. I first made contact in November of 1997 while attempting an automatic writing procedure. It worked and the quality of the writings improved with time and practice.

As to the procedure that I am using. I pray, meditate, then wait upon the words. The words come in the form of a mental dictation, which I transfer to paper using a pen.

The Friends have instructed my in how life could be if mankind chooses to live from a place of faith in ourselves and faith in God. The message is about the transformation and transmutation of man into one who has reconnected to ones soul and acts in a more kind and loving manner. They talk of love, healing, faith, future possibilities, Earth changes, and much more. For me these writings have been a means to a personal restoration of faith. I have decided that, Faith-Restored is the appropriate title for this webb-site.

The interest in this website has grown steadily and it is now read by many worldwide. I have heard back from several readers of their experiences and feelings while reading these words. This has been a verification that these words truly do bring with them a calming comfort and a joy that is rare within our world of Mankind.