I am a native of the Midwestern United States, who first migrated to New England and now to Scandinavia, where I live with my dear wife. Since moving to Scandinavia I now have more time to devote to the writing of these messages. I am offering these messages on the internet with the sincere hope that these words bring comfort and a sense of calm certainty to all who have found their way to these pages. At this point in time, I wish to stay in the background and allow the spotlight to be on the four friends and their messages to mankind.

If there is a great interest in this site and the readers are interested in knowing more about the messenger, I will be revealing more about myself in what we here in physical reality have termed the future. Please be so kind as to read these words and judge for yourselves as to their merit.

I have moved to Scandinavia and now have more time to devote to the writing of these messages.

I have started a blog with my own writings and personal observations and views of my world around me. These are my own writings I wish to share with others. Sometime earlier as you read above I promised to tell more about myself in the future and that time has come.
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