The First Release

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Prayer is a powerful force and attracts many good and loving helpers. This is part of our message to you and one you will relate to others through the written and spoken word.

You can and will have a good effect on so many in your future years. Many yearn for these words, but on a deeper level, they yearn for a spirited love.

All must come to their own time of understanding. He wishes for this direct knowledge also, as do many on the path of enlightenment. Do not push, do not persuade, just give this information freely and let others decide to it's merit. If it brings hope to one, it has accomplished much. For the one will touch many and hope and faith will grow. And those touched will touch also and so it goes until the end of human time. Each is important and have talents and gifts to offer. Too much emphasis is put upon some kind of imagined hierarchy. All are of God and all have the seeds of unlimited potential. Each sprouts and begins to flourish in one's own time. This gives Earth a richness and beauty it would not otherwise have. Plant your seeds and seek the light of Spirit to nourish them and grow them into the lovely creations of the future.

Faith is the stepping stones of advancement on the spiritual path to one's restoration, renewal, and happier times to come.

The future is not certain, but can change as people change their energies and attitudes. All things are possible with Divine intervention or what some call, "the grace of God". The Earth "changes, wars, disease, all can be postponed or delayed or eliminated through the grace" God.

Keep the faith you have and grow some more optimistic views of your future. Your future is in your hands. We consult and guide, but ultimately your future arises from your actions each and every day.

This will be our message to mankind through you. Look to the stars, but walk "calmly upon the Earth. Mankind has such great potential for good acts and for love of each other and the world. Grace comes to those who are sincere of heart and fuel the fires of Spirit" in those around them. The hand of God is outreaching to all men and women. All creatures, great and small. Restoration of faith comes to all who arise to see the dawning of the light. The light will reveal the darkness and the fire of Spirit will burn the dense matter into unlimited potential.

The heart is the great forgiver and facilitator of good deeds and right action.

Love, love, love, and leave the details to God.

All comes in time to the seeker. Love blossoms now. The sweet fragrance emerges. Be patent and follow your hearts dream. The heart lights the way now. The mind will follow the path laid out by the hearts light.

My light depends on no other lights. For my light is one as all others are a part of the One. So you see, all are connected, none apart. Apart from each other is only an illusion of the mind. There is one all-empowering force and that is the force of love. Love directs all, love connects all, love allows life to exist in your world. For without love all would perish into the darkness.

These nature spirits and guides can be self destructive when used in the wrong way. It's the same as with a tool or a weapon - it can be used for constructive or destructive purposes. It's not the spirit or guide, but the person or the weakness within the person that distorts the truth and uses the knowledge for personal gain rather than to help others.

Yes, you must control the messenger. The dark and light are within each person. One of light illuminates a dark room so that all can see clearly. One of darkness only adds to the fear and disorientation that can be found within a room of darkness. So it's not the room at fault, but the person who walks into the room.

Truth and light are not easy to destroy. The ones who talk of this destruction are not the ones who have the power to create and destroy. They can only destroy themselves by their misguided behavior.

The Earth changes will be many. Man must learn how emotions, thoughts, and discipline of spirit are connected to nature. If man will not change himself from the inside-out, then the Earth will change him from the outside in, so that he will begin to look inside and see where the greatest changes occur.

Love transcends karma. It is love that completes all cycles and transforms all darkness into light.

Faith will be restored again. Faith in themselves and faith in others as well as faith in the power that will come to those who choose to heal and love those who have forgotten their own ability to create a joyous life here in your world. Pray for light and the light will come to all who are sincere of heart and choose to change their lives and work not only for the good of themselves, but for the good of all. For how can one separate oneself in truth. All are connected in love, they have just forgotten this and have lost their way within a place of illusion and fear.

Love transcends all faults, evils, misunderstandings. Love is the greatest healer. Love and love alone can transform and save mankind from it's impending disasters. Love lowers one to a human level, but raises one to the level of God simultaneously. For one must accept and enter the human realm of existence before one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There are no short-cuts or avoidances of one's human obligation to love and help one another to reach for the light of day. So proceed with honor, proceed with courage, proceed with us, and have faith that all things are possible with the help from Above.

We come again to say, have faith in all good and positive enterprises and wish for the good of all. Seek kind, warm hearted persons who give freely and add to the balance within the world. Seek your own inner flame and let it burn the sadness and disappointment of many lifetimes. For what is sadness, but a misconception or unrealistic view of your world. Seek not others to give to you, but give to all who asks for help. Do not fear, for no harm will come to you. For, we are with you. Deny no help, for all are longing for a better way. Be kind and be gentle with your words. Be patient and wait on God's mercy and grace. For the heart is clear and acts in the best interest of all concerned.

Increase the integrity of your being and be one who can offer a better way to all he comes in contact with. Worry not so on the future, but build a hopeful, optimistic view for the days ahead. Find the calm, the balance that is already within your being. Live as a lion, yet appear to the outside world as a lamb. Be gentle with others, yet strong of Spirit.

Faith renews, faith restores, faith opens the doorway to one's heart and one's freedom from fear. For where there is faith, there is love, and where there is love, fear cannot exist. Go in faith and you open a gateway to a new kind of living. One that many have dreamed about for countless centuries.

Come to the realization that all life in this realm is based upon the illusion that love conquers all. Love neither conquers or defeats. Love is an emotion that joins with the forces of the universe to bring order and a reason for living. For without love life would indeed be a living hell within your realm. Far too many are driven by fear and fretful emotions and few can see the joy that lies within all things. There is joy within the raindrop as well as joy within the sun's rays. The trees of the forest delight in the joy transmitted to them through the sounds of all things large and small living within their realm. For the trees understand that all are a part of God's creation and all are sacred within themselves.

Now seek out the assistance of those who await the gift that you will be allowed to bestow upon them. Many are in pain and few have true faith in themselves or in God. Be as a light upon the land and bring the ships safely back to shore. Too many flounder in the vast seas of despair.

Illness is an illusion of the mind. The mind can be retrained and instructed to see the joy in living and the light that awaits all who seek to be healed and live as humans were meant to.

For the healing to be a lasting one, it necessitates a firm decision and great willingness of the one to be healed to change his or her lifestyle and release a lot of old habits and fears. Once these are released, there is space for the Divine healing energy to enter and fill the place where there once was darkness.

Come to the realization that all life is connected. If you think ill of another it is the illness in yourself that is the initiator of this. The result is a strengthening of the illness both in yourself and the other. Kindness is the way beyond the illness. Be kind and hold that person within the love that shines out from the heart. The heart has only kindness for you and for others.

Many more will follow the example of goodness and recover their hope and faith in healing the wounds of yesterday. Forgiveness will come from many to many as the process unfolds.

As the flower blossoms so will all who uncover the gift of Spirit to man. Listen, for we speak but once - Hear us - Go to the edge of tomorrow, see what is to come and prevent it through education and enlightenment.

Too many with our gifts allow ego to become the central terminal rather then the heart. Instead of using their gifts for the greatest good, they use if for personal gain. This is something to be cautious of. Do not forget that you are one of many. Each a link in a chain extending through eternity. All have been given a unique gift. Each add to the whole. Each contributes his talents. If the various talents can be combined, the power increases many times. A few can have a grand or good effect on many.

When a spark of faith or love is ignited in a heart, it burns away the fear and heartache of the ages. This heart then becomes an ignitor of other hearts, which in turn light the flame of love in other hearts and so it continues. As more hearts burn with the fire of love, the consciousness on the planet will change. Little by little and then it increases as the light coming into this realm increases.

Don't worry about Earth changes. They will not occur as quickly as some like to think. The sea will not rise that fast. It will be a slow enough process for population to shift. Populations will shift anyhow due to wars, famines and disease.

All can be deterred if man but understand the power of creation and the Grace of the Divine. As men stabilize and integrate their consciousness more and more with the Divine, the Earth will stabilize also. So, it's heaven on Earth in a manner of speaking.

It is riddles that you prefer at times. The truth is much too simple for those who live within your realm. You are here to love and take care of each other. Not so complicated a direction for one to take.

Many of the mystical pursuance are more interested in visions and past life experiences to entertain themselves and others rather than facing their own lives and changing the behaviors that need to be changed. She could have been much more effective and influential if she just stuck to the simple truth that all men and women have the ability to communicate with those of what in your world is called the angelic realm. Speak only of these truths - that man is destined for greatness and will evolve one day into a loving, compassionate being who one day takes his rightful place as a co-worker with his fellows as well as those of what you call the angelic realm.

Again you come with your hopes and your many disappointments. Disappointment is nothing more than non-appointed events - events that you hoped or wished for, yet not chosen by your higher selves of Self or what many in your world have termed "the soul". You cannot see what is in store for your life as the one called MNH. Trust in providence and have faith that all events lead to a final destination that your soul has pre-ordered to fulfill a higher purpose. One that is not to be known by your physical and emotional identities. Come to the realization that all is in order. You are a burden to no-one. All are fulfilling their own plans or designs in this physical reality.

You are neither alone or isolated - many, many have joined with you to achieve what you have come here to achieve. Seek not Earthly council. Trust not the words of men, but rather put your trust in Divine Providence. This year will pass very quickly and a new year of activity will follow. You are here for a reason, though your mind seeks other reasons. Read and rest and meditate on these words: All is in order. All dreams will be realized. Trust in the hands of Providence.

MNH has come to us again in a spirit of expectation that we should solve his problems as if by magic. Your problems are your own and of your own making. They are building blocks, one upon another, each teaching you a valuable lessen in living - each gives the personality structure a strength it would otherwise lack if life were an easy or comfortable path. For these obstacles are as gifts from above to help those who choose to build a strength and character that is necessary if one is to develop the stature and talents that are necessary if one is to teach others a more proper way to live in your world.

For too many deceive and seek to prosper at the expense of others. All can prosper through co-operation. All can share the riches of your world as all share in the limitless riches of Spirit. For too long a few have convinced the many to follow a hollow direction. One devoid of love and caring for each other. As you thought yesterday, the parent sends the troubled child for therapy once a week for an hour session and expects miracles to occur, rather than giving the child love and attention and an active schedule of work or exercise on a daily basis that will eventually result in a healthy, whole child rather than a fragmented being comprised of many conflicting beliefs and attitudes. The therapist encourages this behavior and views the child as a commodity or a source of income rather than one in need of love. The child senses this and actually reacts in a negative rather than in a positive way. So a system that doesn't work and never intended to work in truth is perpetuated rather than letting the responsibility lie within the hearts of the parents, family members, mentors, or in reality all members of the community who have contact with these troubled children. This inability of those in the human community to take responsibility for the health and general welfare of all is one of the primary causes of many of your social ills.

Humans create institutions and expertise where no true expertise exists. Healing occurs not only within an individual, but within a community when there is a shared responsibility for the care and welfare of all.

You all participate in these lies for your own profit as your quality of living within the community continues to deteriorate. A price has been put upon every means of help as if there can be a price for the kindness that emanates from the human heart. This is as natural as the sun rising and setting or the ebb and flow of the tides. When man again comes to his senses and looks upon the other with concern rather than the gaze of a hunter staking his prey, then a new day will surely dawn on your planet. The sun will rise within the human heart and the warmth of these hearts will be a healing balm upon your land. Until this day, your world will continue to be the dark, fearful place that all have allowed it to remain. A great courage and faith is now called for. The strength and love that emanates from the human spirit, that emanates from the human heart, that connects one to the other, that connects one to the other in a true concern and caring for the welfare of the other. This is a direction that is quite possible in the world of humanity to come. For it will take some time in the structure that you call time and a great and genuine willingness on the part of many. We ask that you look upon each other with the love that is like the love of a child combined with the strength and wisdom of one whom has spent many years in human form.

Have faith and proceed with integrity. For you believe that the truth is a hard path to travel when in reality, this path of lies that the leaders in your world have enforced or encouraged has actually brought all great unhappiness and pain. To accept the truth of these words is not an easy task, but a far more difficult task is for humankind to change their behaviors or actions and live in a way in which all are respected and honored, but a way that is a possibility in the human realm of existence.

Think on these words and come to your own decisions. For God has given free will to all or you could say we have given free will to ourselves, since in a sense, we are all of God.

For those who are sincere of heart and long for a better way, a better way will be encouraged. For we act as guides or consultants - as ones who have found our way free and have outreached our hands to all who will listen and make an honest effort to better not only their own lives, but the lives of many. We are as brothers who have again found their way and offer our knowledge to all who will accept us and our message of hope. So, be not afraid and don't just open your minds, but open your hearts also. For the heart is the central terminal that connects heaven and earth. It is only through the pathway of the heart that one arrives at a true understanding of all things of the human and heavenly realms. Plant seeds of love and faith within the heart. For here lies the most fertile soil. For all comes from love or you could say, begins in love and ends in love.

Do not despair, but seek the light that dwells within yourself. Others are quick to give advice or play the part of prophet, but none will take responsibility or can take responsibility for the evolution of another. This is a deeply personal matter and one that requires thought and contemplation on the part of the individual who seeks enlightenment. For to be enlightened is a matter of accepting one's own divinity and allowing a light that emanates from a Divine source to come into one's being and transform one's humanness in a way that allows one to be both human and God-like simultaneously. Both exist side by side, both nurture, and both develop as one allows oneself to be open to more of the light that comes from Above.

MNH can appreciate the difficulty that one encounters in your world when one decides to live in an honest, truthful manner. For men refuse to see the truth and to trust in their own abilities and talents to tap into a vast storehouse of knowledge and information that can and will be used for the enlightenment and accelerated evolution of those who inhabit your realm of existence. We have come to so many and so many have followed the path of their own fears and doubts and dismissed these words as the delusions of a disturbed mind. We assure you that these words are true and come from the hearts of a larger heart. We can understand your suspicion and doubts. For too many in their weakness have distorted and abused the truth in an attempt to maintain the rule of ego rather than the co-operation that comes from our more enlightened realm. The ego was originally a device or tool that was created to aid ones such as you as a means of filtering and transferring information that would come from what you call a soul to the human mind. The ego is now in such a state of fear and disorientation that it has become a hindrance rather than a helpful aid as was it's original intention. It's as if you have allowed a child to rule. It's no wonder your world faces the problems that it does. Your leaders lie and twist the truth to their own personal needs, rather than to step aside and contemplate what action would address and see to the needs of the many.

Now we have come again to say some words of encouragement. Do not despair. For the bleakness you now perceive in your life is nothing more than an ill perception. See the beauty that is all around you and within you and many others. There are kind hearted souls everywhere as there is kindness everywhere in your realm. It is the wish of many to discount the kindness and concentrate on the inhuman. Yes, you could say unhuman. The ones who have inhabited this world before even the time of man to your world are still inhabitants of theirs. Forces seen and unseen. Heard and yet, not heard. All come together and live together as best as can be. For it is not yet the time for the unveiling of human perception. Humankind has not yet the maturity or civility to see with clear eyes and act out of a clarity of heart. For as always, we say, it is the heart that is the initiator of all good deeds and right actions. And it is through the heart that mankind will evolve to higher levels of consciousness or what you call higher levels within your world. There is such great misunderstanding and great confusions within the human realm. Truth and light are as an endangered species. Great care must be taken to insure the survival of such within your realm. For we can see many future possibilities in which new mental and emotional structures more suitable for the survival and preservation of that inner essence that can and will fuel humankind beyond a very, very limited view that now exists today within your realm.

All plans are poorly conceived and even more poorly implemented in your world. It is always a vying for power and a greater or bigger share of the Earths resources whether in the form of land or territory or food or water or minerals. Never are decisions made for the good of the many and for the good of future generations. Now is a time of events that will lead mankind to face their own limitations or shortcomings and come to real decisions on how to proceed in a more equitable manner. A few rich nations do their best to manipulate and control the smaller, poorer nations and yes, also larger poorer nations. There is much talk of freedom and human rights, but in truth, only the desire to maintain the current structures of status and power, while, convincing themselves of the rightness of their failed economics and systems of government.

Now, you wish us to talk about solutions. You already have the answers to all your worldly dilemmas. Look within your own hearts to find the answers that you will need for the future survival and beyond human survival, human enlightenment and evolution as a species. As you have heard and read so many times - you can find these answers within. Look into your own hearts. Look upon your world with the eyes of a parent who looks upon the gift of a child with a heart full of hope and love for that child. Look with the eyes of a child, full of wonderment, full of discovery, and the joy of living. Look and see what you have become and what you can and will become in time with the grace of God and the love of Self.

It is time to heal the wounds of the past and forgive yourselves as you will forgive others.

It is a time of opening up ones hearts to new possibilities. The open heart fills with Gods love or Divine Light or the Grace of God - call it what you will.

There is no force or energy or entity within your world that can harm one who has opened his or her heart to love. This is a myth and a deception. It is the closed or darkened heart that will put one in danger or make one vulnerable to the forces or people in your realm who deceive for their own personal profit or benefit at the expense of all others. The open heart is much more judicious or just. Now open your hearts and feel the strength and clarity of thought and emotion. The door has been opened for you and will only stay open a short while. Be brave and have faith that today begins a new adventure. Accept this gift and feel blest and be blessed.

Remember this moment and know that many such moments are possible through prayer and silent contemplation. Each is only limited by one's lack of desire or lack of willingness to accept this gift. We do not judge who is deserving, it is the individual who determines his or her own deserving. Now, be well and dream of a day when all will live from a dimension of an open and joyous heart. For it is in the dreaming that future realities first take form.

So we come again to say to you to have faith in a bright and glorious future and think only on the good and the positive and let not these dark thoughts of mankind draw you down into limited thinking and a non-use of your God given gift to heal and to inspire faith in positive future events. See with the eyes of light and hear the voices of angels that sing glad songs. Be visited by those of vision so that a new tomorrow is quite possible within your earthly realm. Know this to be true. Man evolves slowly, yet evolves still on your planet. Accept our words of wisdom and see as a child again. Hope for many pleasant and inspiring circumstances in what you call future time and what we refer to as the eternal now. Do not be dismayed.

Enjoy your remaining days as MNH and be again a light upon the land. Forget not your obligation to the future. Your obligation to help give direction to those yet to come. Continue to write the words and drink upon the waters of eternal life. Drink deep and once again be filled with the faith that makes all things possible. For it is in faith that what man has termed the miraculous occurs. Offer these words to those who seek a better way. Be not timid, but be bold and take the initiative. Seek an outlet for these words to be heard. Know that the calm of Spirit will descend upon you and be transferred to all who sit by your side. Go in peace and go in love for all living beings.