The Tenth Release

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We have come to all who will listen to be not afraid of the cleansing time.  To build up your faith in yourself and your faith in one another.  For to have faith in another is the next step toward faith in the Divine.

We say to all who will listen:  Be not afraid of the many changes that will shortly occur in your time frame.  Change is necessary if evolvement is to continue on the Earth plane.

We say to all who will listen.  We are here for you just waiting for the opportunity to help all to reconnect again to themSelves and to our Realm of Light. 

Our words are true, but truer still is God's Light which is the carrier of these words.  Light is that which brings with it hope which brings with it comfort.  One's troubles are washed away and replaced with a feeling of great joy.

The Light shines bright, but you have forgotten to take off your blinders.  Open your eyes and open your hearts and come to realize that yours is the power of renewal and rebirth.

Pray for Light and the Light will come to you and do It's work of liberating self from the tyranny of ego and it's dark masters of deception.  Light brings with it not just a clarity of sight, but a clarity of thought uninhibited by outer influences.  Once these outward forces disappear then Man receives Counsel from Self, which is directed by Good.

Good nurtures and grows in Man as more Light enters to replace the darkness.  A natural process occurs as health of mind and emotion return and bring Man back into a natural state of being in which balance is present.  This balance will give Man a new found hope and optimistic view of the future.  For Man's future will be directed from Self and Goodness rather than from the prisons of the past.

Once free in thought, feelings will return.  Feelings of love, of joy, a calm assurance that all goes well and the road ahead will be filled with many happy occurrences.  This calm is contagious in a beneficial way and will bring others closer to their own calmness and certainty of Spirit.

We ask you not to fear, but instead to develop in faith.  Have faith in your God given ability to change that of darkness into that of Light.  Be not afraid and take the Hand of Self and walk out into the clarity of Life.  For Life was created to be a place of joy and of love fulfilled.

Replace your fear of the false words of tyrants.  Let not the thieves and liars rule your communities, poison and sicken yourselves and your children. Say no to there lies and expose them for the weaklings and cowards that they truly are.

Replace this fear with Love and all harm will disappear.  In love there is no place for fear to reside.

Pray and meditate and ask for the Gift of Grace to Man.  Ask for the Divine Light of Heaven to surround you and fill you with It's life giving force and see the results.  Your fears will begin to dissolve as Love will grow within your hearts.

Be not prisoners within your world.  Own it and remember that all have a place in Eternity.

We come to say that those of faith will fare better in the dark days ahead and ride out the storm that will cleanse your world of the devices of the evil doers.  For their tools of deception and enslavement will no longer be available.  Man again learns to depend on his or her own intuition and the gifts of knowledge given directly as an aide in the years of trials.

It is only a fully conscious Man who can save your world from disaster.

Man will come together and work toward the Good with the Good to insure the survival of the species as well as all other species that now inhabit your planet.

All those who have fallen and faltered upon their way we ask to return to the service of the Good.  All have a choice as all have free will.   This was the promise given to Man and the promise will be kept through eternity.

Your priests, your leaders, all those whom you have put upon these imaginary thrones of authority have failed you and led you astray from your true natures.  Follow not those of dark determination, but rather follow your heart's light that will bring you back to Love and Reason and the Joy in Living.

Trust in your Inner Voice that will enlighten and bring you back to yourSelf.  Reconnect to yourSelf and take your rightful place as Co-creator of your world. God has given you all the tools necessary and put all materials in place to build healthy and prosperous communities.

It was the perversions of a few that led you all astray.  It will be the Goodness given to a few that will begin the return of yourselves to yourSelves.

You will all awaken from this dream and come into a world of beauty beyond imagination.

No longer be distracted and led astray, but listen to the Voice of Reason, the Voice of Love, and in truth, the Voice of Self.  For Self is connected to the Self of All Selves and once reconnected, a flow will begin from Heaven to Earth and from Earth to Heaven and the multitudes will rejoice in knowing that the Light returns to dispel the millenniums of darkness imposed upon the sight of Man.  For in an instant, Man will see clearly what he has become and what he will be as he enters the void of the Now in which all possibilities exist.

Love comes to direct Man's actions and plans are made together to bring all life forms together in your Earth Realm.

Look not for signs, but be a sign for change.

  Speak openly and honestly so that others can see that fear no longer has a hold upon Mankind's affairs.

A great infusion of Light comes now.  Adjust your body and mind to the frequency of Life.  Fear not, but live in courage and honor each other as you will honor Self.

Know that Love arrives as the darkness flees it's brilliance. 

Allow Love a place in your hearts and rejoice in the world to come.  Breathe calmly and confidently and the pain of passage will lessen and cease in time.

All is in your hands as well as in the Hands of God.  We are his messengers and are directed toward the goodness in Man.  We seek those who are willing to share our gifts for the benefit of the many who long for a better way of living.

Let not weakness overcome, but instead allow Love to visit and leave behind the Gift of Light and Joyous Living.  We are here for all of good intentions to help strengthen their resolve and complete the tasks for which they have chosen and for which they have been chosen.

Seek kindness again and share this sweetness with others.  Be not dismayed or distracted but remain focused upon the prize.  Continue to live a simple life and build up your inner power and strength for the trying times ahead.

We seek not to flatter, but to encourage you toward that which is best within your human nature to be expressed outward into your world of Man.

Transform and transmute and be again as Wolf.  Loyal, communal, and teacher of new ways of living.  Yes, the wolf clears out the weak to give more strength to the forest just as you help others to clean out the weakness within themselves so that they can strengthen community and help others to prosper in Spirit.

Come to do good not just for yourself, but for others.  This is the reason for community.  For without co-operation and the sharing of knowledge and wisdom there would be no need for humankind to live.

To commune with others is to have a community of more than one. To work together to have an ease in living within the physical realm was the reason for the establishment of community.

Community as a construct in it's true sense gives one an immunity from the darkness and it's destructive ways.  One of Light has a great power, but many of Light have enough power to transform not only human community but the entire physical world.

Remember now.  Regain your strength and wisdom and use it to build communities of lasting glory.  Communities in which Love and Reason stand hand in hand and bath in the Light Divine.

Take our Gift of Light and share it with others worldwide.

Let each decide to accept our gifts or not to. Offer freely and with Love and the effects will be felt for many years to come.

Wisdom comes when it comes and stays for the duration of one's lifetime in the time that one has incarnated into human form.  It is the same with Faith as it is with any of the other Gifts of Spirit.  Once given, they stay with the receiver for the duration of his or her lifetime in Earth form.

There are no thieves or taking away or stealing of the Gifts of Spirit to Man.  For they are given to the one who requests them and are intended for non other in there unique or individualized form given.  Each is charged with an expression that suits the time and space of the user.

There are few that have freed their minds and hearts long enough to see and appreciate these gifts given to the few worthy ones.  Not that all are not worthy.  It is only that only a few understand and accept their inherent goodness and abilities while in human form.

We speak to many, but few will listen.  Most are distracted by the sounds of ego creations and know not of the Voice of Spirit.  Few will quiet their minds and/or emotions long enough for their Inner Voice to be recognized and accepted.

Mankind is in an ill state and sees not the way back to good health and good reason.

Life is a delight to one with a Soul's view of the human experience and a hell to those who view their world through ego.  Ego is not good or bad in itself, just not used and guided properly.  It is more as a misused tool in the hands of a child.

Judgements are of the ego for the ego to justify or verify it's existence.  The Soul has no need of justification or verification.  It is already complete within itself and knows it's purpose.  Man was once aligned with the Soul and knew his or her life's purpose, but now this knowledge has been lost by all but a few.

Fear not the dark ones who now control the destinies of Mankind.  Their time is soon at an end.  A big upheaval occurs that will end their rule and bring about the rule of the just and the humane.  Their time will cease and the power to rule given back to each individual within human form.

Be as a center of Light to spread and spread it will from human till human until a majority rules with Light.

The fires of change burn now and will continue to burn as long as Man inhabits a human form.  For you have entered the ring of fire by incarnating into human form.

The fire will burn away the sorrow of the ages and transform and transmute you all one day into Beings of Light.  Once alight with the fire of creation you will see life as an adventure to be lived as a child plays.  During play the very young ones observe and reflect upon all that is seen with a joyous demeanor.  This joy is what fuels the fire of knowledge and brings the answers to light or one might better say, brings the light of understanding to the child.

The child is open and honestly proceeds in a joy filled manner.  This allows the child to easily access information that adults cannot due to their constant state of hypnotic distractions. The adult has been trained to look away from all that is true and self-evident whereas the child in his unknowing is open to all knowing unimpeded by his or her taught hindrances and fears.  The child can see the world in a clear and open way, a way that has been lost to all but a few who have entered the adult world.

A child is born into freedom of thought and emotion and is led as quickly as possible into the slavery of imaginary thinking.  Loosing the ability to think and reason for him or herself, the child begins to enter the world of dull mindedness and dull emotions.  Those who resist are quickly vaccinated and medicated into submission.  For drugs dull the senses and weaken the will of Man.

Medical science is nothing more than one of the many tools used to enslave the mind and emotions and weaken and sicken the human form.  For Man was once a strong and healthy entity capable of advanced thought and feeling who has devolved into a semi or half conscious and aware individual that has been so poisoned in body and mind as to lack the will to evolve.

A few dare and a few make it out of their prisons due to the inherent strength of will that has never been broken by those of dark determination.  More will awaken and revive their strength and good sense as they reconnect to Self.

Be bold and fear not.  Arise and feel again yourSelf and reconnect to Heaven and Earth.  See the beauty that abounds and transform back to your original intentions that directed all before this age of darkness came to be.

Now will the darkness retreat and give way to the Light of Heaven and the Love of Earth.  Concentrate on the Good of both and bring forth your own goodness back into this world of Man.

Look no longer for outside help, but look within to your heart's light and break the chains that have bound you all these countless centuries.

Be not afraid, be bold, and be brave and rediscover your inherent strength and goodness that has always been a part of you, a part just waiting for expression.

Accept not a sickened or weakened state of being.  Seek the health giving Self, seek yourSelf first, then express it's glory outward into your world of Man.

All is in order, all is in place, all will be revealed, and all will be completed in time.

We have forsaken you not.  Now it is time for you all to not forsake your Selves and the Self of All Selves.

Live no longer in serfdom, but live in Selfdom.

The time for slavery to end has come.  Be free and live in a calm and assured way.  Feel the joy in living and be a joy upon your world.

The warmth that you now feel is your own inner warmth. It is a warmth that is available to all, not just a few chosen ones.

The warmth sustains life as it gives life and fuels the inner fire that illuminates one's darkness and turns it into light.

A negative turned positive and so simple as feeling one's heart light and letting it spread throughout your physical body and mind.  The Light goes in and as it comes outward from the heart it releases many emotional and mental toxins.  Yes, as a detox yet more effective than any detoxification method known or devised by man.

So simply done that any child can do this simply by asking in a prayerful way.   All prayers are received and answered from those of sincere hearts.  Be as a child again with full faith and the ability to receive the gifts of Grace to Man.

Be comforted and be at ease and feel our gifts given freely and without need of reward.  For we have all that is needed since we have no needs.  We live in a state of grace in which we can feel the joy in living and express the Good out into your world of darkness.  We have such a joy when our gifts are received and shared with others in human form.

We seek no acclaim, but make the claim that Man will continue upon his path back to Self.

Feel now the ease of living in a new way.  Feel now the joy of creation that allows for the creation of a joyous and well functioning human community.

Yes, it is possible again to live as you once did.  Free of ego tyranny, free of fear and full of faith.

We see a time of great upheavals.  Not just from Earth Changes, but major changes within human communities around the world.  No longer will a few rule.  For those few have set the seeds of their own destruction and will no longer have the great influence over or hold over Man upon your Earth.

We have come to say that a new dawn appears soon.  No longer will their lies and deceptions be heard alone.  Now there is a new voice that appears.  The Voice of Freedom, the Voice of Love, the Voice of Dreams Fulfilled. Yes, we say that that time is near in the affairs of Man.  Although, it will not always be an easy transition, it will be one that will indeed come to fruition before the end of this century.

A new Light will enter your Earth Realm.  One that will expose those with their evil plans for world domination.  Once exposed, their grip upon Mankind will be loosened and Man again will begin to plan and think for themselves. 

Reason and Love return as those of old return to their rightful places upon their thrones.


Earthquakes are a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth must release unwanted tensions and stresses upon it's inner core of being.  For the Earth is a sensitive organism or entity and absorbs much emotional and psychological outpourings from humankind.  When these pollutants and yes they are mental and emotional pollutants reach a point of risking damage to the Earth body, then a release is necessary.

Do you not need a little detoxing from time to time?  Don't you think that the Earth must thrown off it's poisons to insure good health also?

Humankind has become as a parasite that is slowly destroying it's host although it was not always this way.  In times past Man realized his dependency upon the Earth Mother and behaved in a loving and respectful manner.  Man had good sense and took care of his home knowing that there is none other for his human form.

Without the Earth, Man would cease to exist, but without Man, the Earth would continue for many billions of years by the way that Mankind measures time.

Humankind has lost all good sense or common sense and thinks itself superior to the Earth.  In a way, yes Man is superior whereas the majority of humankind are far from this.  Humankind now defiles not only himself and others, but also it's Earth Host.  With no regard for Her health or well being, literary littering Her into becoming a lifeless ball of matter.

A paradise lost, yet not fully lost.  When Man comes to his senses and behaves in an orderly and respectful fashion and sees to his and her own healing of mind and emotion, and physical body then the Earth will also begin to return to Her natural state of health and well being.

There is no separation between Earth and Man or at least the body form that Man inhabits while in human form.  The body form and the Earth form are as one.  Made from the same materials and co-dependent upon one another for survival or perhaps better said, Man is dependent upon the Earth whereas the Earth will continue to exist without Man although in a saddened state.  For Man once loved Earth and Earth loves Man still.  This was the ancient paradigm and one that can again exist in time. 

Man has been mislead, distracted, deceived, and delayed in passage from Man to God.  Today Man is but a broken copy of his earlier glory.  Man once had great strength and mental abilities only dreamed of or imagined today.  Man is in a sickened state and can no longer feel the joy in living and the love of life.

Heaven and Earth speak to Mankind daily, but Their communications fall upon deaf ears.  No longer with eyes that see or ears that hear or minds that understand, Man has become lost in this sad creation with no ability to see the beautiful creations of the Creator.  Paradise lost, but not lost for good.

For Mankind will one day awaken from his nightmare life that he has created and co-operate and co-create a world of living matter that nurtures and completes.

Seek wisdom and seek knowledge by seeking Self.

Self holds the key to your freedom from fear and your liberation from your self imposed slavery improvised by ego's deceptions and distractions.

You have all accepted a cheap copy of life when the original work of beauty has already been given to you all.  You have chosen the unnatural for the natural and lost your connection to both the natural world as well as the world of the Divine.

Release yourselves and again feel the pulse of life that vibrates all around you.  Release your fears and your misconceptions and trust in your God given abilities to accept life as it is and forgive yourself your follies and accept your place as Co-creators with God of your reality.

You are all as gods, but know it not.  You already live in freedom and love, but accept it not.  Yes, accept the Gift of Grace to Man and awaken from your sick bed and walk out into the open air with it's health giving sun and waters and greenery that will sustain you and yours for as long as you choose to reside upon this place that you call Earth.

Financial Crisises:

Financial crises occur as they have always occurred when a few manipulate and control markets for their own benefit without any concern for others or the consequences of their actions.

Fueled by greed, these events have occurred over and over throughout human history.  Always have a few controlled markets for their own benefit under the guise of being in charge of a system that will benefit all.  The majority only experience poverty and enslavement to a system that in reality destroys any chances that they have to prosper in freedom.

For freedom is the aim and freedom is the goal of all who seek a better way for not just themselves but for others of their kind.  We often hear phrases that portray an illusion or better said, lies that make no sense at all when viewed in a logical manner.  We are told over and over how much better we have it than those who have come before us.

Statistics are falsified and lies marketed by your halls of science and commerce.  Very few question these lies for the fear of reprisals.

We see a time when Mankind will no longer be deceived by those who in their carelessness offer mis-information and mis-direction.  We see a time of honest leadership.  We see the arising of true leadership that sees to the needs of the many and behaves in a just and civil manner.

For the road ahead will be clear of many obstacles and distractions when Man has been forced to concentrate on what is real and form their reality out of the materials at hand that occur naturally within your world.

The age of the machine will soon come to an end and a new age of reason will follow.  Man will learn again to use their own minds as a tool to shape their physical reality.  Problems will begin to be solved rather than avoided as is the fashion today amongst your leadership.  Honesty will take the helm and lead again the children who now only are taught lies and madness.

Sanity returns and the uninstructive and self-destructive behaviors of today will cease to exist.  This will be a natural occurrence after Mankind is forced to build up again after the ashes have settled.  The Earth will be cleansed of the poisons that persist today as well as the poisons of the mind and emotions that have Mankind in a death grip.

Honest Living:

Light and light alone is enough to heal all ills and illnesses from humankind's long list of illusionary complaints.  For Light with it brings an honesty in living and in an honest way cannot the illusions of illness exist in Man.

For Man was taught to be ill as he was taught to be dishonest by those who mislead and misinform for their own selfish purposes.  For a return to honest living would insure a return to healthy individuals as well as groups within human communities.

Honesty is what is most needed today.  

Man has been taught to lie as he has been taught to deceive.  For when a few impose a false reality or illusion than can no longer Man see with clear eyes, feel with clear emotion, and think with a clear mind.  Reason no longer exists in this system of forced control and sickness prevails.

A natural system changed to an unnatural one will always exhibit illness or conflicts within the human organism.  Germs, microbes, viruses, and bacteria were all the creations of a sick mind that inflicted others to believe in sickness rather than in health.

The concentration is now upon weakness of every kind and no longer upon Man's natural strength and health nurtured by a strong mind that is not controlled by outside influences.  Man now reacts to fabricated rumors and lies reinforced by falsified information and statistics that make no sense or would make no sense if Man still had the ability to think clearly and see the reality of his or her existence here in the world of Man.

A simple view is always better.  Complexity was the invention of those who confuse in an effort to control Mankind's direction.

Stop and look at not just the outer landscape, but look within to see where truth makes it's home.  No longer trust your medias.  For they are nothing more than the means to mass deceive.  You are bombarded with a multitude of useless information to distract and keep you from real information for your decision making processes.  In fact, you have given up your decision making abilities and handed them over to a few others who entertain rather than intelligently inform you of the world around you.

We see many dark clouds arising within your human communities.  This is a natural process that must occur before the release of Light into your world.

There are so many conflicts now as the few make a last desperate attempt to control the affairs of Man.  This will fail as all efforts that come from an ego source will fail.

Have no fear and know that balance will again return to your world and kindness and sanity will rule again the affairs of Man.  For few can see the need to reconnect to both Nature and to God.  This is the only way to maintain balance in your world.

Let not fear be your guide, but let love and reason once again rule.


Look not for signs, but rather be the sign to those who wish to know a way back to themSelves.

There is no destination in your world or other worlds.  This is just another of the many distractions put in place in your world to keep you from the most sacred and holy of places which is already within you.  All the qualities that you dream of, all the characteristics or traits that humankind hold dear are already waiting within each Man just patiently waiting to be discovered or perhaps better said, rediscovered again.

Look to your Self for advise, look to your Self for dreams fulfilled.  For no other no matter how talented or knowledgeable can know your path better than yourSelf.

Listen to Self which will drown out the voices of the districters who lie and confuse and take you on a journey away from the joy in living.  Sit quietly and wait upon your own wisdom and feel strength bubble up within you and overflow into your everyday living.

Feel the calmness and certainty of Self-assuredness and know that Heaven as well as Earth are now your allies.

Fear not your futures, but know that life grows richer for those who heed the Voice of Self.  Come to realize that life would have a totally different feel and texture if only you will reconnect to yourSelf.

Nice it is as you become nicer to yourself and allow the healing balm of Self and of God to enter your everyday living.  Problems will still arise, but now Self will arise within you to handle these problems rather than these problems handling you.

We can see a road ahead with many challenges easily handled by Self.  Yes, Self is self serving and in a good and positive way.  Do not forget that Self is here to serve Man as Man is here to serve this world.

Love arises in the ones who speak with the kindness of Spirit and aide those in need.  Yes, to heal is to be an aide or a helper to those in need just long enough for them to gain the ability to help themselves and others.

We seek others of your kind to carry the torch or flame of Spirit and show all who are willing the way back to themSelves.  It is always a journey of self back to Self.  Once arriving upon the throne of Self, one is then the ruler of all within his or her personal realm.  Not the realm of others, but the master of self.  Yes, self mastery is a good term or way of putting it.

For how can one rule a kingdom if one cannot rule one's self through the aide of Self.  Be strong and be kind and set a good example to others of a better way of living in your world.

Do not buy into these visions of doom, but sell your own visions of a Heaven upon Earth.  Once Heaven appears within your dimension then a more pleasant existence is possible.  Reconnect again to Self as well as the Earth and feel the difference in the quality of living.

Be at peace and be in love with all living creatures upon your planet called Earth.  Nature aligns with those living in loving kindness with the strength and wisdom of Spirit expressed outward into your world.

A Message of Hope:

Now we have a message of hope to those who wish a better way in your world of Mankind.

We are concerned that so many have been deceived and lost their way upon their paths back to the Light.  This we can help remedy in a clear and simple way.  We give the Gift of Grace to Man so as to speed up the evolution of Mankind.

We ask all who will to set aside just a few minutes each day for quiet reflection and prayer.  Pray for wisdom, pray for understanding, pray that you once again regain the strength that is already yours.  Seek forgiveness and act upon the words.

Be more patient and kind to those in need

.  One need not give answers or solutions to problems.  It isa enough and far more effective to stand by quietly and share a sense of calm certainty with a clear understanding that each person will be led along their path and experience the life lessons custom tailored to each individual.

If only you would all listen to your own Inner Voice and the sounds of Life all around, then your ways would be made easier.  Put not so mush attention into devices that entertain, but rather set aside some time each day to be in a quiet natural place and feel the pulse of life all around you.  Synchronize your minds to Nature and that of Eternity. Balance the two and you will find balance within yourself.

Your troubles will ease and even cease for moments and in those moments will you be free from ego for long enough to connect again to Spirit.  From this reconnect will come a quiet and sure strength and the ability to better cope with all the delusions, illusions, and distractions in your everyday living.

Even a few minutes each day will loosen the grip of ego and it's fearful manipulations to distract you from yourSelf and the true nature of reality.

Seek a simple and joyful existence by being glad for what you have and hopeful that with tomorrow comes a new ease in living.

Direct your mind and emotions rather than being directed by ego counsel.  Be the rock that can withstand the waves.  Be at peace and reclaim your former glory.

Now!  Feel yourSelf and feel the joy awaiting you.  Joy has never left your side.  It was you who have abandoned Joy for the false promises of your ego.

A Message of Encouragement to Those Who Serve the Good:

Be kind to those who do not understand this path that you have set out upon.  None can know the pathway of another.  For the Guide is unique to every traveller along his or her way.  The path is sometimes pleasant beyond description and at other times, a nightmare of adversity.  All are necessary if one is to develop into a fully conscious and aware human being who can one day carry the torch light for another.  At times a lonely path full of pit falls and at other times a garden path full of friendship and delight.

Continue to walk upon your path and allow others to freely traverse their own intended paths.  Some walk slowly, some hardly move, while others glide effortlessly as if carried by a winged host.  All arrive one day.  All are greeted upon their return.  All are grateful for the kindnesses and help along the way shown one to another.

Walk quietly, but with steps that are sure and enjoy the moments of solitude as well as the lovely moments of comradery.  Remember that others have gone before and left their markers so as to make it a bit easier for the ones yet to come.  You have left your markers as others have left theirs.  All have been done with a sense of conviction and a sense of knowing that their efforts were not in vain.

All are remembered in the book of time and all honored for their contributions made for future generations.  Know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed and know that you have been loved as you are now loved as you will continue to be loved on the pathway that leads one back to one's Self.

Be kind and remember the kindnesses shown to you along your way.  A good way, one of many ways back to your home in the stars.