The Second Release

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Do not be afraid to speak freely, for how can you teach others if not through words.

You must continue to grow within yourself and develop a greater capacity to love. For love is the great healer, the great revealer. The way to one's salvation and the salvation of all in this world.

For nothing is written in stone and all can be redeemed through the Grace of God. Have faith and live in love and peace.

It is love that heals: all else are clever devices used to trick the mind and body into healing. It is the light from the Divine which heals.

All you must do is awaken this love within the sick cells of the body and the transformation will take place. Love replaces the old fears. The healing sun dispels the darkness and a place is created in which new healthy structures can grow and develop.

For a healing to be real and powerful, it is not enough only to treat the body. One must also help the person to make a shift in their emotions and in their thinking. Once this is done, behaviors will change. For the outside world is nothing more than a reflection of what lies deep within every persons body. For, if there is much darkness in the tissues of the body, there will be much darkness in the outward manifestations of a persons life-many problems, illnesses, much emotional pain, etc. As a healer, it is your job to clear out these old refuges of old emotion and make a clean, open place where new emotional and mental structures can be constructed. Structures that help one to develop and maintain a happier and healthier existence.

We ask you to be responsible and live your life in a way that inspires others to live their lives in a more loving and kind manner.

No, we are not aliens or creatures from outer space. For, they are just different species or physical expressions of life within the physical realm. We come from a place of great love and light or what you would call, happiness or joy. We are as you could be and will be and have been from time to time.

Have faith in your life and faith in yourself. There is nothing to fear. A way will be made for you, but first, you must make a clear decision and act upon it. For faith is not enough. Faith must be followed by activity. It is not enough to know of events, one must take action to help the internal dreams to be manifested into physical reality.

Within us all lies the seeds to our destruction, but also within each heart, lies the seeds to one's reconstruction as a human being-from one driven by fear to one driven by love. It is each persons responsibility to live in a way that nurtures and supports the good within. It takes effort to weed a garden, so the plants grow healthy and strong. There are no techniques or devices or systems that will lead one to one's deliverance from human suffering. This has been a misunderstanding for many thousands of years. Only through right action will one evolve into a true human being. Change one's behavior by living in a way that enriches and supports a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Be responsible and part of the human community and have no concern for all the false ones who teach fear and lack of concern for their fellow humans. Live by example. Give your love freely. For, in freedom is grown a loving and kind heart.

Do not despair for yourself or others. You will have just what you need, just when you need it. All future events cannot and will not be revealed. It is best just to accept what life has to offer to you and join with the Creator in creating a world that is better suited for kind hearted, loving human beings. For as long as the dishonest and hate filled ones rule, life in this world will always be filled with sadness and disappointment.

The greatest gift you can give, is the gift of the open heart.

Inspire and teach how life could be when liven in faith and love. For by doing so, your blessings will increase 1,000 times. Treasure the gifts of the Spirit above all man made treasures. Be a light in the darkness. A light that brings others now lost back to the warmth and security of their Souls. Show the way-live the way-be the way, so that many can live and love again.

You must believe strongly that all events will lead you to your souls intent and so it will occur through the power inherent in one's faith of self.

Balance must be restored if humankind is to continue in this place called Earth. The words must be spoken and offers of light made to many from many if a great awakening is to occur. Be not afraid to speak the truth. For, how will others know of these words if they are left unspoken.

The time draws near to begin this work for the future generations. A few will hear and accept the words today, but many will understand in future generations. The groundwork must be layed today for the ones yet to come.

Do not let fear be your guide or take up residence in your home. Why do we speak these words? To bring more light into your world. Words that seek to bring balance and create a more harmonious environment in which to live.

Now, we have great potential for war and famine. Groups now vie for more power everywhere. A sense of danger is prevalent in your world. Many unbalanced ones are reacting hastily and foolishly now. The weak ones rule everywhere and have silenced the voices of those of strength and patience. Pray for grace. Only through God's grace can these events be avoided. Fear not and fret not, for you only add to the negative emotions that now prevail. Bring more light through prayer and right action and awaken the fires in others, so they can add to this positive force of creation.

There are no easy answers or quick fixes, only a process of living and learning the lessons we each come to this realm to learn. Some have grand designs, some live simple lives, and some choose not to come into this realm, but stay where they can roam freely undisturbed by human emotion and pain. We have chosen many for the work of the evolution of your world. Some prosper and some falter, but all participate in the grand experiment you call life on Earth.

Do not worry so for others. All have their own way and own way of doing. There is too much intolerance in your world. No system to allow the free expression of one's individual talents. This is one of your opportunities to spread your wings and fly to higher levels of expressions. You are to teach others to not fear their own natural talents and to dare to live in a way that uplifts and heals not only themselves, but all whom they touch with their light. Do not fear the light. Come and live more freely within the embrace of the light from our realm.

Be kind and be in love with yourself and with all life. Live the life of one who can see the darkness and see and feel the pain, yet is not influenced or poisoned by it. You will remain free and yet at the same time be able to penetrate the darkness that surrounds the souls and hearts of many. So many live their lives in darkness.

Now is a time of great revelation and great transformation. Be as a rock and also as a feather. Go and teach the way of love and the healing power of the light. Many can now understand more. Much more light will enter the world now. There are many joining in this effort. Some hesitate, but all will join together to bring the healing light into our world.

Say no bad things about those who have done you harm, for their own behavior and bad feelings will be enough punishment. They will be judged by a higher power than yourself. Love all, even those who seek to do you harm. Live in a way that is a shining example to all who wish to heal themselves and their own lives.

Love and be loved. Be kind and accept the kindness of others. Heal and be healed. For the world awaits the gift of love. So few can love. Teach the right way, the proper way to heal. Be a light in the darkness of the human heart. Illuminate and reflect all that is good in the human spirit. Bring God to the human heart, so that hearts can be transformed. The love of God and human love combined in the same heart. THE WAY OF FUTURE GENERATIONS. The way to a revival of God's love in the human community. Go and reflect this love to all whom you come into contact with.

Through one's darkness lies the Kingdom of Heaven. One must be brave and take a giant leap of faith. Facing one's fears is never an easy endeavor, but one that is necessary if one is to advance in the world of Spirit.

Fight for justice, fight for truth, but first, you must fight for Self. It begins slow, but gains strength in time. Remember, a few with the light of God can overcome an army with thousands of darkness.

The time for fear to rule is over. Mankind refuses to accept responsibility for their actions, so we can say God has ways to show them the error of their ways. If a body is abused, the person suffers needless pain. If the planet is abused, it will take action to correct the situation by whatever means will assure it's health to be restored. You can imagine the pain of the Mother at the behavior of so many of Her children. The house is full of troubled souls, so must seek help from other dimentions of space and time. No longer can man proceed as he has in the past. Many warnings have been given, few heeded. Now the time for action has arrived.

These are not the empty words of man, but the words of Spirit. Trust in your own talents and ability to conquer your own fears and doubts and restore faith in yourself, so that one day you restore faith in others. For the Mother weeps and the Father is lonely. The children have lost their way. Creation is a cooperative venture. All are longed for. All must return one day. Do not let ego get in the way. Too many have been deceived by ego and lost their way. Rejoice that you and others can be of service. The time of great transformation of many is near at hand.

Yes, the light grows dimmer everywhere in your world, but will increase as faith and love of each other increases individual by individual. The humans must join the Angels now as messengers and collectors and transporters of the light of Heaven. Man and Angel will unite more and more in the years ahead. For, only through the light will the hearts of men transform from dark to light. The hurts will be alleviated from the personality structures of many once they realize the possibility that this can be done.

Tonight, we talk about tradition and the need to merge tradition with the new creation of direct knowledge in the future. Tradition is a useful tool for many and must be honored. For, it is upon the old that the new is built. Be gentle with the ideas and beliefs of men, even though you have broken your mind free of these distractions. The way of the future will be direct knowledge or intuitively derived information that will fit the specifics of the problem.

So, we see a time when all men will unite for the common good. This time is one in which men will actively choose and decide upon the course of mankind. The vision begins today and in time grows un-til the day when men realize that they are the masters of their world and take responsibility for all that occurs within human community. We see a day of true concern for the Earth and for the health and general welfare of all inhabitants of your Earthly realm. When you see this, then the vision will begin to take physical form. We ask that you honestly seek a way to make this vision a reality in what you all have termed, future time. Be brave and be bold and dream lofty dreams of a day when mankind will behave in a mature and responsible manner, with a true concern that those yet to come have a healthy environment in which to express their humanity. Be wise and seek the consul of your Self, which is a part of the largest Self that many in your world refer to as God. Bless each day and bless each other and pray for heavenly guidance that can make the way of mankind a bit easier. Seek out those of light and wisdom and build a world of healthy desire. Dream your dreams of tomorrow. A tomorrow that is calm and one that nurtures all that is best within the human spirit.

For god chooses not man when it comes to matters of mankind's evolution. The darkness is nothing more than a transitional state that leads to more light.. For, how can one truly be compassionate without the knowledge of pain? One must go through the perilous journey to arrive at a place of true safety. The safety that comes from doing one's greater will, the will of the Above as many in your world may refer to this. Do not despair, but be aware and know that help arrives in many forms and not always in a way that can be imagined in advance. For, we work in a way that leads one as you safely to your destination. Your heart will heal in time as all hearts will heal. You and others will show the way out of the darkness that now obscures the light that is the inheritance to all in your world. For, it is not necessarily deserved or even consciously desired by those in your world, but an inheritance

passed on by those who have come before and gained the true knowledge, the true wealth of being. For, the light is talked much about, but few have this gift that can remove the greatest obstacles to human evolution. And, it is a gift, given freely to all who have a sincere desire to make a positive change and evolution in themselves that will result in a change also in all they come in contact with.

Remember that you are one of many. Seek those of light and understanding to be your guides and consultors. Be not deceived by those who pretend to work toward your best interest, yet will continually betray your trust in them. Seek kind hearted souls who understand the need for quiet contemplation and the achievement of spirit. Trust in your own talents and abilities to make a better way not only for yourself, but for many others who inhabit a human form. Guard against an inflated sense of ego. Be wise and trust in the good consul of your Self. Delight in the gifts of Spirit and be grateful that you will be able to make a difference in the lives of many. Be kind and generous of Spirit.

Know that all goes well and is being ordered for a brighter, more balanced future. Align yourself with the Will of Heaven and forget not to give thanks to the Mother of All for the many blessings she provides. Seek always the beauty and goodness that lie just behind the veil that clouds mankind's mind to the possibility of living a life of clarity that will lead mankind to a more joyous tomorrow. Seek a vision that emphasizes all that is best in the human spirit. Be patient and know that a better way of living is possible and will be made a possibility and eventually a reality when mankind so wills. Present a proposal to your fellow travelers, so that they can see the possibility exists in time. Humankind can and will open their minds in time. More important than the opening of human minds, is the opening of the hearts to the gifts of the Heart of hearts. When this has been realized, then mankind will evolve and enlighten the world of man. Let not the pain of the past bear too much influence upon the reality of today, which is the stepping stones to tomorrow. Come to realize that the dreams of today, fuel mankind's visions of tomorrow. So, dream of happy days yet to come and patiently wait upon it's arrival into physical reality.

One can reside in the air for so long, then one must land and plant one's feet on the Earth. The knowledge is from a heavenly source, yet is to be used in a human way, amongst humankind. There are many chosen, yet few will carry the torch to lite the way home. Come and be as one of us and reveal these truths to your fellow kind. THAT ALL ARE OF GOD'S LIGHT, ALL A FRAGMENT OF A LARGER PLAN. ALL A PART OF THE WHOLE..

There are those who in their childishness wish for importance, distort these truths to fit their own limited planning. Be not as these wrongdoers, but hold to these truths. Give freely and give wisely. Seek out those of like mind and seek a greater power. Seek your own light lines and draw in the knowledge together. Each adding a piece of the puzzle, each in his or her fulfillment, will fulfill a part of the whole and thus lead to a widening of this light as to the spokes of a wheel, each leading to the center that drives the vehicle through existence.

Seek not the aide of those who deceive and manipulate for their own profit with no concern for the other or their futures. Seek out those of open heartedness and there or here will be found the power necessary to adjust the reality of all. For the power of the heart is far greater than the power of the mind. For the heart is the throne from which a benevolent ruler reigns. For the heart is the greatest healer. All can be healed through the heart way. It is the meeting place of Heaven and Earth and integrator of all inspiration, advise, wisdom, whether that which comes from the Earth or that which comes from the Heavenly Realm.

Those of faith believe that all things are possible, yet are unable to manifest their dreams . The problem lies not in the dream, but in the dreamers. For the cultures or better explained as social structures prohibit the manifestation of such dreams as these, these dreams of freedom. For in freedom, these archaic structures can no longer be of assistance to those who inhabit your realm. For as we have said on so many occasions as this: All your governments, institutions, and social structures were put in place to inhibit and discourage creative thought and action.

One is rewarded for maintaining the status quo, not for the development of new social or economic systems that are to replace the old out-modeled forms which no longer have a place in your time realm.

Only by a renewal and manifestation of new systems can man continue to thrive in your realm.

The industrial age is one that is destructive to all live forms, yet it continues unabated. Fossil fuels pollute and are responsible for so many physical and emotional ills in your world, yet those in power continue to burn these non-renewable sources of power, rather then to make a concerted effort to increase the efficiency of new renewal technologies that will end man's dependence on the systems and technologies that continue to pollute and sicken all inhabitants of your Earthly home.

We can only pray and hope that one day man will act in a more responsible and loving manner with concern for all life. The choice is that of man's. For only he can decide and take appropriate action that will alleviate and eventually put an end to his self-destructive behaviors.

Many cry for freedom, but their voices go unheard. For those in power are quick to silence their voices. They meet behind closed doors and in reality do all that is possible to maintain the old outdated view of wealth and power. They speak one way in public and act quite differently in their formal and informal meetings. As long as this continues, mankind will continue to suffer needlessly. For whole new economic and social systems can be developed and implemented when the will aligns with the Will of Heaven. For God wishes mankind to prosper and develop in a responsible and loving manner, it is man who refuses. Better for a few to make huge profits and the many to suffer, rather than man developing a more equitable system of resource distribution.

Earthly cares are necessary if one is to live the life one came to live here in this world you call Earth. Miracles abound and never crease to be in your everyday life. In calmness and love, one is able to be open to the signs all around. For life blesses all in your world, yet so few choose to receive the gifts offered. Be still and open and hear the voice of Life. Feel the pulse of Life in all living things. Go to the mountain tomorrow and enjoy the gifts of that place. Feel the love of the Mother and accept the miracle of Life that will occur. Be in love and be at peace in your life. Think not on outcomes, but enjoy the doing. Be kind and an example of honest living to those around you. See the beauty in all and all things. A gift awaits. Do not hesitate. Accept it whole heartily and worry not on future events.

Be wise and calm and accept the gifts for which we will bestow upon you. Use them wisely and live in a way that expresses how life could be if the human community would choose a new path to walk.

As promised, the light will come when necessary and needed by those sincere of heart and intend on living in a more loving, responsible manner. For chaos and anarchy grow, since no one offers the young a better way. All is a manipulation for money. Few truly care or look to the future with promise. Seek the few of light and offer a better way to live. For man must make the choice. For all you can do is make the offer of the words and hope that others will hear and understand the meaning. SEEK THE LIGHT OR JOY OF THE HEART. For in joy are many a wondrous events born.

Seek not fame, but seek the truth in all matters. Hold your life in loving hands and continue to be an instrument of good actions and good deeds. Live the words. This is the best approach to showing a better way.

Too many seek false dreams, empty dreams of power and fame or fortune won in the physical world. These will come to nothing in time. Man has needs to be fulfilled, yet in your world, the greed of a few has taken precedence over the needs of the many. A great imbalance occurs when this is the driving force of any civilization. Great upset, discontent, and general unhappiness occurs within such societies that allow the few to manipulate and deceive those of less intelligence or knowledge as a means of maintaining economic or political power. Resources are wasted-not just physical resources, but human resources. It is not only the Earth that becomes poisoned and made infertile, but also the mind and emotions of mankind. No longer a system that respects and seeks to nurture all life forms that exist, but one that blindly walks toward it's own destruction. The results of such misguided behavior can be seen all around within human communities. No longer do men have direction, no longer united in love. Poisoned and ailing. Poisoned for profit and deceived to follow paths that will lead to a total breakdown of community.

Solutions: you ask of solutions? Warnings have been given time and time again by many of great wisdom and knowledge and still the leaders refuse to lead by taking action.

We see a time when men again will awaken and reconnect to Self and awaken from the nightmare of today. We see a time when men will again work together to achieve and maintain the common good. A time of Heaven on Earth. A time of maturity and shared responsibility. No longer will the thieves and liars control in human community. For in order for men to survive the dark times ahead, leaders of strength and true concern for the health and well being of all citizens of community will need to be found and given the main responsibility to care for and nurture the young and teach them to reconnect to Spirit and bring more light into your ancient world of darkness. The Elders in community will once again be respected and responsible for the education and enlightenment of the children.

One of the biggest crimes in your current societies is the misguided emphasis put upon youth. Youth is nothing more than a stage of growth toward a mature adulthood, that will further lead to a wise and knowledgeable population of Elders. One might consider youth as a low level of evolution. So, one might say that the maintenance of youth is an effort to halt mankind's evolution. It's as if the beginning of the journey is presented as the end of one's destination.

Seek the journeys end and while traveling, enjoy all that you experience. See your environments and your civilization with clear and honest eyes and once done, a need will arise in mankind's heart to seek out those of wisdom and light, who can lead the way from the spoiled world of today to the health-giving and nurturing world of tomorrow. As more open their minds and hearts to this new possibility, more help will come to humankind in the form of divine inspiration or what some might call, Heavenly help.

Start today and begin to reconnect to one's Self or Soul, which will automatically link one again to God. Once the connection is made, many pleasant and unexpected events will occur in your world.

As more reconnect and dream the dreams of a joyous and beautiful tomorrow, then in time, a joyous and beautiful world will take form in physical reality. The road may seem a long one, but this is only an illusion of the human mind. As more take control over their minds creative abilities, more will realize and accept that a world of equality and shared responsibility is a possibility and one surely will materialize in human time.

Come to a place of knowing that all you seek, all you desire, all you wish for yourself and others has already been realized. Yes, all is and All That Is, is always with you. Do not fret. Be wise and be compassionate, yet never forget to see the beauty in all things, great and small. Life is a banquet of delight. The eyes have so many wonders to behold.

Love all of creation, even when your human minds sees not the sense of this. Be aware of the love that surrounds and envelopes you. Continue to be a\ light upon the land and bring the lost ones home again. Home to themselves or one can say, home to the Self. Be calm and express the joy and calmness that already resides within your soul. Remember always that you are one and a part of the One. Be at peace and be in love with yourself and with all others. Dance the dance of creation. Walk away the old as you walk toward the new.

Seek only that which glorifies your being. Seek the rewards of Spirit. Remember who and what you already have become. Follow the hearts way and enjoy these days as MNH. Have no fear and see beyond the appearances. Trust that no harm will come to you or those you love. Be content in the knowledge that all dreams have already been realized. Help others to see a better way as an example of good living. For actions speak so much louder than the words of man. Many pleasant moments await. Be patient and wait upon the gifts of Spirit.