The Third Release

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Now and again one comes who will ask us for blessings of light-hearted wisdom and the knowledge that transcends that of the natural world. We come to assure all who will hear our words that within them are blessings of light that are given freely in the hope that they will be used for the betterment of not only the individual selves, but for the continued betterment of human community. Man can again live in an honest and respectful manner within your human realm. For we have no need for lies or dishonesty in our realm. For here we live devoid of the fear that colors and directs all aspects of the human community. We live in what you could term the freedom from fear, which to us we would describe as love. For we live in a world of love of self, love for the other, and love of the Essence of All, which those in your physical realm, call God. In love, one is naturally concerned for the well-being of all, since it is internally understood that all are connected, none are apart, since all are of God.

Here, we have not broken our connection to the Heart of all living hearts, so we live in what would be considered a joyous state or one some humans have termed, ecstacy. Fear cannot exist in our realm of being. Fear is of the physical realm. It is a survival emotion built into the natural system to protect and assure the survival of the physical forms of life that inhabit the Earth realm. We have no need to survive, for we thrive in the world of Spirit. We have no fear of death, since death does not exist here. We understand your system of human vulnerability, since we were once as you are now. We assure you that mankind will survive and one day thrive, since we are here in our time speaking to one in your time. Yes, the children's, children's, children's, children will one day understand and develop a respect for all life on your Earth.

Begin to practice to connect with your higher angels and speed up the evolution and enlightenment of mankind. As more re-connect to their souls, more will be transformed into more mature, more responsible, and more loving beings who truly understand and one day put into practice the lessons of Spirit. For we have done this for countless ages and now wish to re-connect to our past and help all who are willing to drink of the Divine waters and fill with the calmness and certainty that comes when one opens one's heart to the Light of Heaven. We invite all who are sincere of heart to accept our offer of light and awaken to a life that can perceive the potential inherent in all, for all.

We agin ask you to be brave and take a giant leap of faith and fear not, for the time of fear is drawing to an end when one looks at the over-all view of man's journey back to the Source of All Life.

And, what is this source? Love, of course. Once uncovered and accepted within the human heart, a great awakening will occur and many will again regain the joy of living that radiates and infiltrates all life when it is allowed to and accepted as the natural state of the human-being.

Open your hearts just briefly to this possibility and feel what could be if only Mankind would make a conscious decision to change the current systems and begin to act in a kind and loving manner toward all others. Seek to join again with us, who you have termed, Angels. In our eyes, we view ourselves as what you will become in time. Pray and make sincere efforts to better not only your individual existence, but the existence of all others whom you share the human community with. We will help as guides and counselors of sorts, but it is Mankind's responsibility to develop their own abilities and talents to transform and transmute the old into the new creations of tomorrow.

Be wise and know that all your dreams have been fulfilled when one look's from our viewing point on the road to the world of tomorrow. Dream lovely dreams and have faith that all will occur or take form as more join in this dream of the creation of a world in which God and Man join as one and accomplish what in time was referred to as miracles and what we refer to simply as creation.

Be patient and content in the knowing that this is a possibility in your time and a reality in our time. Look to the future with hope, with faith, but most importantly, with the love of self, which leads to the love of others.

So, here lies another mystery to be revealed. That all life is interconnected and the slightest thought or emotion directed toward another is felt by the other. Control of one's thoughts and one's emotions is a very important prerequisite if one is to progress on the path of Spirit. These negative thoughts and emotions are constantly assaulting the human psyche. It is no wonder than that it is so difficult to concentrate one's intentions to do good.

We can see a time when mankind will have learned this valuable lesson of self-control and the discipline of Spirit. For, if mankind just devoted a few hours a day to silent prayer and meditation, we would have seen a vastly different landscape and human community. In community of the future, this need for discipline of Spirit will be understood and encouraged among men. Although, it will be many, many centuries of what you refer to as human time before this occurs, but occur it will. For, this is the path of human evolution and enlightenment.

We can see the path ahead, so can speak thus with some authority. We see a bright and glorious future for all mankind. It will be many years before mankind again trusts in their own ability to create reality and align their wills with the Will of Heaven.

Stay calm and stay certain and these dark projections of mankind will not have such an effect on your everyday living. Continue to bath in the Heavenly Light and fear not the future years. Be wise and seek the beauty in all things.

So, we see how this world limits one's dreams. Forces are always at work to put a damper on doers of good deeds and right actions. A few of darkness project their own weakness out upon the lands and reward those who portray or you could also say, betray there fellows. If one appears to be strong or wise, he is discredited and made to look a fool. Every roadblock is put in the path of one who seeks to do good acts in your world and then, their failure is portrayed as due to their own weaknesses or inabilities. Yet, at the same time we find leaders in business, industry, and government without any talents or abilities in leadership, but they are portrayed as qualified, but their only true quality is their weakness and vulnerability and tendencies toward corruption. This way, control is assured.

The drawback with this system is that real leadership and strength becomes non-existent in time and the world suffers from this cycle of inaction when it comes to the solutions of problems that humankind now faces in your world. For truth is sen as a threat and anyone who seeks to distribute the truth is threatened with the ultimate goal of corruption. Now, you can clearly see how what is referred to as Evil in your world operates through men of little intelligence or wisdom and even weaker wills.

It is truly a deception of words that fuel the fires of your own destruction as a species. Solutions? Solutions are already in you and others. Seek simple solutions. For truth is nothing more than the ability to see the reality of the problem and apply action that will correct or adjust events or circumstances to a workable outcome.

Now, we see you wish to know of future events. Mankind will face it's own inadequacies and come to decisions as to how the future will develop. For all have free will and all must choose their course to travel. We ask that Mankind look honestly at what they have become and determine what they will become, so that future generations have a working plan on how to build tomorrow. Otherwise, life on Earth continues to be reactions to disasters that are due to their unwillingness to take responsibility and create consciously a tomorrow that holds within it the seeds for the development of Mankind as a conscious, dedicated being who actively seeks a balance within himself, so as to actuate a balance within the physical realm of experience.

So, dream of a world in which all participate in the decision making process using information that is honestly and equitably distributed amongst your kind. Seek visions of a joyous tomorrow and a joyous tomorrow will take form in time. Discard the old and actively create the new systems of government, commerce, and everyday reality that will allow for individual development as well as cultural or group development.

This is a possibility--one of many available to the human imagination. First, one must imagine the possibility before actively setting about to do the work of bringing the mental pictures into physical reality.

Accept not a fallen state for Mankind. Pick each other up from the mire and continue with the goal of human evolution and enlightenment.

Seek the pleasures of a life grounded to this world, yet at the same time connected to the calmness and joyousness of Spirit. One will never forget his or her human obligation to be a responsible member of the human community, when one has re-established a connection to one's Soul and what we have termed, "The Heart of the Largest Heart."

Seek comfort in the Divine Light of Heaven, yet forget not to touch to the balancing energies of the Earth. For your body is of the Earth realm even though your Spirit resides in another realm. Seek always a balance of your world and the realm of Divine inspiration. Seek others to share your vision of a brighter tomorrow.

We can help but so much. Effort on your part is required also if the vision is to unfold. This is your choice and not one that we can make for you. Never negate your God given gifts and your natural talents and ability to achieve here in this physical world. Plan to enhance your ability to express the knowledge and wisdom of our world into your world.

Nourish not only your own soul, but be a nourishment of light to all whom you come into contact with. Never forget that the gift of Light is to be shared with others. Strengthen your resolve to complete this task for which you have come to this world to accomplish. Worry not on outcomes, but clarify the meaning of why you have come to this world.

Be bold and brave of heart and continue to expand your awareness of Spirit. Trust and have faith that you will be guided in your task that you have chosen for yourself, even before this life. Build a solid foundation for the stormy years ahead. Seek your own calmness of Spirit that is already a part of your being.

Now, we see some progress toward a sincerity of intent to do good for others. We have heard your prayers and can determine that you now understand the importance of our message to mankind. You understand that the need grows each and every day for these words to reach the eyes, ears, and hearts of men and women in your physical reality. A way will be made clear, when you can aline your will with the Will of Heaven. We must see more of a clear intent to do only what is best for the inhabitants of your Earth.

We agree with you that the need is great for the calmness and certainty of Spirit to Man. The will begins to aline in isolated individuals and groups around the planet. Now, is the time for the words to reach out to many in a calm and simple manner, so as to allow Mankind to choose from a place of love of another and love for their home world, rather than from the realm of fearful emotions.

We can see a strong possibility for this publication to come to fruition. Those who understand, understand the needs of mankind and will see that this message is one that calls for more self-responsibility and the development of mature systems of both self-rule and the ruling of nations. It is fear that allows tyranny to exist in your world and only will these bonds be broken by the strength that comes through communion with God.

As you experienced yesterday, an elevation of one's consciousness above the level of human fears and the inhumane darkness, frees one's mind to look out upon the world with loving eyes that can see the beauty that surrounds all living things. Once the mind is free from it's usual fretful, fearful mode of operation, then new possibilities arise. Possibilities that are inspired by the more evolved aspects of humanity.

In a word, one reconnects to one's Soul, which automatically reconnects one to God and sets up a communication that directs one to fulfill one's Soul purpose and contributes to the advancement and betterment of the human community, in which you all share. As more and more humans realign with their Souls, then more and more will begin to be filled with the love of Self and the love for the others.

We can only hope and pray that more in your realm will choose the path of enlightenment and begin to take their rightful places as co-creators of human reality. No longer can the Earth be defiled. For to defile the Earth, is to defile yourselves, since you are part of the Earth's body. This tendency toward self-destruction will change in time and Mankind will again make an honest effort to protect and cherish the Earth and see to it's restored health and vitality.

Now, the Earth fights for it's own survival and if Man continues to threaten Earth's survival, then the Earth will defend itself more vigilantly and Mankind will suffer far greater hardships than those of today. We only ask that you look upon each other and the Earth with a loving gaze. For love is the greatest of all survival mechanisms built into the human system. For in love, one acts in a kind and responsible manner that insures the survival of all life forms in your Earth realm as well as the Mother of All Life, which you in your cultural view refer to as, the Earth.

Be wise and pray for deliverance from your current state of physical, emotional, and psychological decay. For in your haste and your greed, you have forgotten your need for human connection within your communities as well as all who have come before as well as all who will come in what you refer to, as future time.

Reconnect and feel the warmth of the human heart, feel again the calmness and certainty of the gift of Spirit to Man. Feel the love of your Self, which will lead to the love of all others as well as the love of your home world, that you call Earth.

Why do you seek enlightenment? You as all who wish a better way to live in your realm of darkness and light seek to fully understand why the world you live in is continuously facing the same problems over and over, so that viable solutions can be put into motion that will alleviate much of the stresses and negative emotion that permeates your world at this time in your evolution.

The Light of true understanding is a gift from our realm to you and to all others who wish to face their own created shortcomings and begin to view reality as a joint creation rather than an existence that has somehow been forced upon the inhabitants of the world that you have called, Earth. We see many possibilities for new creations in your world. For in these times of great imbalances, lie many unseen opportunities to see and finally to create in different and more effective ways.

There are so many who refuse to take responsibility for the current state of affairs in your world at this time. So many point a finger at others, never seeing the need to look inward and see where the greatest changes need to occur. We ask that you do look within from time to time and honestly view the state of your own internal landscapes, so as to one day create some more joyous and beautiful human landscapes. By human landscapes, we mean communities. For God has created a beautiful natural landscape, which Man has chosen to neglect and defile. A time draws near of great changes in your external environments. An opportunity to review and analyze Man's fragmented and disorganized internal landscapes.

See change as an opportunity, rather than as a hardship to bear. You have all bought upon yourselves these natural and unnatural disasters. It is now time to take responsibility and act in a mature and self-reliant manner.

There are those who believe that science or technology will light the way of tomorrow. These are tools that are to be used to gather and store information. So, you can see where there is a great need in your world for the development of Man. For in his haste to develop new technologies, new devices, new industries in which to develop and manufacture material goods, Man has forgotten to develop his own inner world, his own inner strength and wisdom.

Now, there are so many weak and delusional souls who propose to know the way, but are nothing more than a projection of their own ills out into the world. For Man must begin to develop his emotional balance and think in new ways. No longer a predator and hunter-gatherer of information that is used to produce income and further his own material development at the expense of all other creatures on your planet.

For the time has come for Man to begin to use his mind and imagination to solve his emotional and psychological problems, which are resulting in an outer landscape as scared and distorted as the inner landscape of Man. For few will hear the call-few are called and even fewer, accept a new way.

For the Earth suffers as do all life forms on Earth. Balance must be regained. More of the Heavenly knowledge and wisdom must be filtered through your learning systems so that a renewal of energy occurs. The ancients still had this knowledge of how to bridge the gap between life and death or Heaven and Earth. The old ones could open a hole in the veil that separates the worlds and gain useful information or knowledge that would benefit the many. This information was freely shared and expected from the others in the tribe or clan or whatever name you have given these social-economic living arrangements. Now, only a few remain with this knowledge-scattered around the planet. They have brought balance and sanity to your world for countless centuries.

Now, many proclaim this wisdom, but lack both the inner strength and blessedness necessary. They speak half-truths and do more harm than help in their delusions and misguided lives.

Now, it is time to speak the words, but more important is the occurrence and shift of consciousness that will occur when the words are presented to others. It is this occurrence that will bring the true evolution of Mankind. For once an individual reconnects to his Soul or Higher Self, as some call it, then this information or wisdom will flow freely and aide man to set up new social-economic structures that will profit all life forms on your planet.

No longer will a few control and manipulate the many in their efforts to gain a greater share of the Earth's resources for huge profits at a great expense. Now, it is time for a great revival or great renewal of good sense and a feeling of joy in creation.

For, the Creator acts in a manner that projects the need for right action. Action directed for the betterment of all. No longer can Man unwisely and greedily use up all of the Earth's minerals and energy giving materials. New sources of energy will be found and developed because of the need. So in a way, a new beginning. When others begin to see this truth and realize that the survival of all is connected to the survival of all of Earth, then a true consciousness will begin to develop. A consciousness of open hearted decision makers, thinking of and considering the good of all.

Many problems can be solved with only some thoughtful action. Many of the diseases are due to the creation of synthetic drugs or medicines. When Man attempts to solve a problem, he usually creates many more problems. There is already within your Earth realm all that is needed to maintain the health and vitality of it's residents. No need to tamper or change a working system.

Divinely inspired knowledge will also help guide Man to a better understanding of this truth. For as more reconnect to the spiritual realm, more of the healing and helpful knowledge and wisdom will be expressed. More light will be shed on the problem so as to be more clearly seen and solutions will appear as if by magic and the direction will begin to change again.

For what is Man, but a reflection of the Divine. Surely, all can be healed when this fact has been established in your world. Pray for the light and the light will come. Direct one's prayers, direct one's thoughts, so as to direct the emotions, which will give a greater power to the dreams of a better life, a better world to come.

Happiness arrives in a fashion that you would not consciously consider as one in a human form. It is the essence that lies behind the emotion that is the true source of happiness. For when one again reconnects with Spirit, then one is flooded with a joy that can also be described as ecstacy, although in truth, there aren't any words that can accurately describe these feels of joy.

It is the connection to one's Soul which will bring with it, the greatest joy and this joy will overflow into one's everyday life and flavor all events so that one again can taste the joy that surrounds all life.

Be not confused. We speak of God's Essence that is the substance that is the source of all life in your realm, as it is in our realm, and as it is and will be in other realms that have yet to be imagined and put into form.

We are pleased as you are pleased. Have faith in a positive outcome and a positive outcome will occur. For they will be touched by the words and know that many can profit from them. We do not mean profit in the human sense, but more as an accumulation of Spirit, which is the true wealth to be sought after in your realm as well as ours.

Do not lose faith. For it is faith that will fuel the spiritual fires to burn away the dark matter that surrounds the hearts of Mankind today in your realm.

Seek all that is truth. Look not at appearances, but see deep beyond the surface of Mankind's discontent to their true nature and the true nature of spiritual yearnings. Yearn for more of a peaceful existence and will follow in time. Seek out those few of light hearted concern for all of Mankind and join with them to better the living conditions not only for your own self, but for all others whom you share this planet with.

Be tempted not by the numerous distractions of men, but seek only the beauty that is the very structure of your physical reality. Be at peace and be in love with all living matter and stabilize and integrate your consciousness so as to be a stabilizing influence in your world of Man.

Learn to integrate your Soul's purpose into the fabric of your own lifetime. Be again a healing balm upon the land and help others to realize their true potentials. Inspire others with the words that flow as healing waters from our realm to yours. Be not discouraged, you will find a vehicle for your expression within the world of Man.

There is so much distrust and suspiciousness in all relations of man, that the truth becomes harder to perceive through all the false information being offered. Something to be cautious of in future years.

Pray and maintain the willingness to be a light giver and light enhancer in your world of dark determination. Know that love is a powerful force that will direct you to your rightful place in this world and lead you to the few who still know of the ancient tradition that will rekindle the flame of love of self and love of the other.

It is your responsibility to create that which will be true in your tomorrow. Others cannot do this for you. You must make your own efforts and struggle until the day of deliverance. Retribution is the way of you this lifetime. Transformation of transmutation arrive to those who live honestly and extend their hand out to all in need of spiritual awakening.

This sense of the future as important must be rekindled again in the hearts of men and women. A sense of responsibility to make a solid structure for those yet to be born, so that they can get a good running start in an environment that is free of fear and allows them to develop their God given talents and abilities so as to create an even more fertile land for their children's, children's, children.

Each a link in a chain that binds humanity. A chain of light hearted love for each other, not the dark and heavy chains of fear which imprisons one's world view. Think on those yet to come and pray that a way can be made. A way led by the strong and wise of heart with the calmness and certainty that comes from the connection to one's Soul, which is the Heart of the Largest Heart or that which you call, God Almighty.

We know of our sacredness and remain in a prayer filled state. We live in a joyous understanding and bath in the Light Divine, as will all in your realm in enlightenments era. Seek love always. Be not afraid of the dark. Have faith in your own deliverance, so as to inspire others to seek their own heart's light. Light the flame of love in all those who seek to be healed and have faith in a good and chosen out come. Transfer this faith to others so as to help them establish their own rock or support, or foundation of faith on which to build their homes for future years.

Be well and know that you can and will have a positive effect on so many. So many more than your human mind will ever realize. Rest assured that all goes well and your Soul will light the way to your appointed destination.