The Fifth Release

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We see a bright and promising future for all who will join in the new founded movement toward the Light and by this, we do not mean movement in the human sense, but a quite literal moving toward the Light.

For now, Heaven and Earth act together for the betterment of Mankind. Many will be touched and opened up to new possibilities of living in your world.

Now is the time to love freely and instill a new found hope in those around you. Many will be blest and by so doing, will become blessings upon your Land and by that, we mean all Lands. For all are brothers, as all are of the same family. These divisions are the work of ego.

Look upon each other with kindness, with compassion, with sympathy, and with the concern that springs from the heart spring. That Spring that flows endlessly and quenches Mankind's thirst.

For the heart is that with the most power and is that which will be the salvation of Mankind. Not Governments, not Institutions, not Religions, not Organizations of any order, just the simple acts of kindness and love that are the signature of those who live the hearts way. The way that leads to freedom for all Mankind.

Calm your heart and all else will calm.

Happiness will come and does come constantly. It is only the receiver who tunes it out and refuses to see and hear the glad tidings all around.

Seek not miracles, for miracles are all around you. Seek love and seek the Heavenly Light of deliverance and radiate not only the calmness and certainty of Spirit, but also the joyous vibration of All That Is. Continue to be a blessing of Light in this world of darkness and help others to once again remember the joy of living and the art of co-operation and love for the other.

Concentrate not so much on the evils in the world around you, but dream of better days to come. Times of love and community and responsible action. Bless this World and be blessed by It.

Know that many good and pleasant surprises await on the road ahead in your human time here on this planet called, Earth. Be a blessing of Light to all you come in contact with. Be cheerful and light-hearted again and know that faith arrives once more to be used to instill faith in others and help you to help others to create a better future not just for the individual, but for all Mankind.

Dream lofty and be lofty, yet be anchored securely to this Earth Realm until your time of departure to our Realm arrives.

Come with us and see the endless possibilities. See with your eyes of Light. See the potential for good in all you meet. For, your human mind cannot see that which hides just beyond your grasp. We can see that which has been kept from you and others.

We know the nature of men's hearts and that nature is good and of God. The problem lies in the mind that is controlled by ego and the mind is the creator of human reality, but the heart can intervene and once agin sit upon the throne of ones existence upon this World.

Sit again on the throne of the Benevolent Ruler. The one you call God Almighty, but who has many names, even though He has no-name, only those which Mankind has given to Him throughout the ages.

Others will come to understand the importance of these words in time as they act as a bridge between realities. A bridge that will take others across their own limitations to a land of unlimited potential. For these words bridge the mind and the heart as they also act as a bridge between Heaven and the physical reality.

Heaven calls to all who will listen. For Mankind has fallen into It's own creation of misery and suffering. The intentions now must be to rise again from the mire and again sit upon the throne of the benevolent ruler. Sit upon the Heart Throne, from which all good judgement takes hold. Be at peace and be in love with all living matter. Seek the Hearts path and come again to the strength and inherent wisdom that has been with you always, in all time.

Remember, it is in love and kindness that the greatest achievements of Mankind are accomplished. Achievements that are still in a dream state, yet to be materialized into human physical reality.

We are the ones who have conversed with you for countless centuries in the hope that you would again be a voice for Mankind. A voice that vibrates with the kindness of Spirit that all seek deep within their being, although they appear to fear that which they require the most and that is love. Love of Self and love of others.

We see a time when Man again will communicate quite with an ease with those of our realm. That time has not yet arrived, but arrive it will one day in the course of human events.

The World is deep within Its own darkness at this time. Man behaves badly toward Man, as he does towards all other creatures. For, Man has lost his way and drowns in his sorrows. Delight must once again return to your Realm and this is what you have been chosen to do. To help others to reconnect to that part which fears not the joy of creation. That joy, which is the foundation of all life here in your World.

Men have been sickened by their own desires for power--not the real power of Being, but the madness that poses for power in your Realm. The dark times approach quickly now, but beyond this illness lies a world of co-operation and the joy in living together in community.

We see so far, so we know of the coming of joy.

Think not of rewards, but continue to serve and offer these words to others for their own benefit. Judge not who is deserving or not. All are longing, as all are longed for.

Be a light upon this Land, so as to be a light upon all Lands. For, more Light must enter your World as to balance this darkness that grows in Men's hearts.

Those who read these words and open themselves to new possibilities, will be aware of the changes that will be occuring in their personal worlds. As they grow and develop and touch others with the Light now available to them, then more Light will enter this World of darkness and so many more will benefit and come to understand again the need for kindness, the need for love, and the need for co-operation in community.

Let it be known that the future exists for Mankind to form into the shape desired. If darkness and fear is sought after, then darkness and fear will remain Men's masters. If Love and Light are sought after, then a future filled with happiness follows.

Seek that which is best in yourself and best in others and concentrate on the success that will follow. Never use your ego to determine the outcome, for ego is driven by selfish desire.

Seek peace and peace will follow. Seek love and all will follow. Be at peace and be in love with all Mankind and all of creation.

The theme of our message to Mankind is this---First see to yourself and reconnect to those of our Realm, then see to others or the welfare of others. We understand your need to be of service and wish you every success. Without Spirit, there will be no success, only failure. For without Spirit, have we the ego as master and doer of all deeds and ego is bound to failure. For ego is that which seeks command over the other and in this system, there can only be failure.

It's no wonder that all the plans of your Governments are so illy conceived and create even huger disasters than if nothing were done at all. Your Governments and Institutions are the creation of Mankind and not that of God. For God demands justice and fair play, whereas men use lies and deception as their tools of controlling others. For how can one control, who is out of control and separated from Spirit.

So, we say, reconnect to the Heavenly Realm and allow the pure white Light to heal your bodies and minds of the illness that has imposed itself upon the human personality structures. Seek once again the kindness and the love of one another and this need to control and manipulate events and others will cease. For with the Light, comes good health and good reasoning. The human structures are so dis-eased and ill at ease, that comfort is almost non-existent.

Your leaders encourage and institute this crusade of fear to keep you separate and detached from the better part of yourself that has good judgement and seeks only what is best within the community of Man. Come back to your senses and feel alive again. Open your hearts to this new found freedom and enjoy your days ahead. For, the individual must lead the way and take the initiative and help will follow.

As more reconnect, then more will understand and together a new way of living will develop within your realm. Slowly, stably, and surely will a new way emerge in your physical realm.

What we have are words for you to share with others of your kind. For, we are not of your kind and no longer in need of the words. We love and give generously of our knowledge and wisdom to Man even though few will listen with an open mind and even fewer with an open heart. For, if they would open their hearts to these words, then many wonderous events would follow.

For, the words are a gift to be shared, so that others will know that a way has been made toward the deliverance of Mankind from this nightmare you call life to a world where men again act out of kindness and true concern for the other. The healings are just a bi-product of the open heart, which will be able to touch to and receive what you call, Divine Energies. They are much more than that and give much more than is humanly possible to give.

For, when one opens oneself to these more refined vibrations or you could say, higher frequencies, then the human body and mind are filled with a peace and insight that is unavailable from Man. For, Man always seeks an advantage over the other, acting from his animal instincts, rather than from his higher Self or what you term, the Soul. Fear motivates all human enterprise and not only dulls the perception, but dulls one's life. No longer is one aware of their connection to the Earth and the Realm, called Heaven, which may be more accurately described as a dimension with a higher frequency, where all colors are combined, as are all human characteristics into one color, which you perceive as white, when you make contact with us.

By making contact with us, we are able to make contact with others through these words. For they bring a part of us to all Mankind, since all are linked together. We live in a sphere of co-operation and love of another. This love is the healer and life giver. For, the body's life span could be increased many years, just by touching to this energy from time to time The same is possible by touching to the Earth or what you have termed, Mother of us all. For, She or the Earth is truly a mother who gives all to sustain the life of all her children, even though they have lost their way and behave in an ill manner. And ill they are, due not only to mental and emotional poisoning, but also due to the poisoning of the Earth. This self destructive behavior has gone too far and will soon be rectified.

Where do we go from here? Forward toward a better tomorrow or stay within this ill fated World of Mankind.

We wish all happiness and all the Grace of God. We wish for all a better tomorrow, not just to a few chosen ones. Yes, we do choose those through whom we speak through, but this is for our own reasons. We speak through one to speak to many. For many are close to understanding and in need of wise counsel. For men as always seeks the advantage over the other. A few control your media and educational systems, so as to believe that they can control the masses. This is not possible! For how can those of such limited powers, control the fate of Nations, when they cannot even control their own fates. For these few are controlled by what is basic and what is false. They breed falsehood and distrust in an effort to control others.

We speak to you now from our place of understanding. Understand this! We are not here to control or manipulate the masses. We are here to bring a message. A message of hope to all, a message of a future filled with hopeful expectation and unlimited potential for good and real structures that will benefit all Mankind.

We wish you all only happiness in freedom---freedom from ego as well as those in your world, who in their weakness, have allowed ego to be their masters and enslave not only themselves, but many others. When you look at the workings of these men, you can understand how evil works within your world to destroy all that is good within the human spirit. For spirit is strong and stronger still is the heart that is connected to Spirit. For the heart has access to the greatest power available to Mankind or what many term, God or Love---we just refer to this entity as, All There Is.

When you loose your connection to God, you loose your connection to wisdom and genuine concern for the other. For, those of love seek not fame or fortune and often risk criticism and distrust due to the workings of those who seek to keep men enslaved. Now, more subtle perhaps, but slavery remains amongst Mankind. A form of self imposed slavery or better stated, ego imposed slavery.

For, within the hearts light is the well spring of freedom only waiting to be untapped by those with the gift of Grace to Mankind. For, in Grace, are all sins healed. The past is forgotten and forgiven and a new birth occurs. The heart awakens and becomes alive again and from this place of a new beginning, flows out that which is the best within the human spirit. Love and concern for others, co-operation and the ability to build good and solid structures that allow for the health of both body and mind, plus emotion. From this spring comes a new beginning for Mankind, a new possibility that happiness and wisdom will once again flourish in the land and men will once again be judged for their abilities and true talents, rather than by a jury of ill deceivers.

For, in love comes justice and in justice comes an ease in living. The unjust and criminal behavior of the leaders has bought about these great sorrows amongst the people over the ages. See clearly what has happened, but seek not revenge. Seek only that which is the best and highest in your nature and dare to bring it out into the light to be revealed, so that others will have the courage to reveal their own hearts light. For, this Light is strong and with it, great changes occur not only within the individual personality structures, but within group personality structures or what might be better termed, community.

Do not be afraid to show to others what is possible to do, once the heart has been opened to unlimited potential. Teach that the open heart is simply the greatest healer and health giver. The giver of all that is good and all that is of God.

Now, we have within your Realm, two factions. One led by fear of the future and the fear of one another and one that will be led by love of the other and a more hopeful, optimistic view of the future of Mankind. For, the struggles for power over the other increase now within your Realm. This is but a fear reaction as those who now lead the way, sense that the old systems are beginning to deteriorate or self-destruct at an alarmingly fast rate, at least from their way of looking at what is now occurring within the world of Mankind.

For, those who choose the path of love will not have it so easy in the beginning---for, the old guard will not give up without a fight. What they really fight for is to maintain their illusions or false views of reality. Their imaginary fears will be revealed for what they are and what they have done and are doing to human populations. Those of love will succeed in time and establish a new way of living within your Realm. This will not be done overnight, but in a slow and deliberate fashion.

New sound structures must be built upon which the future of Mankind will rest. Ones in which human intelligence and talents to further Humankind, will be recognized and encouraged. This will enable those who wish to develop their skills at community building. First, integrating their internal communities, then projecting this new found stability and soundness of psychological and emotional structures outward into physical reality.

There will still be problems, but the difference is that they will be solved, rather than neglected, which is now the way of Mankind. For, as more Light comes down from our Realm to yours, more will be healed of their pains and see the real possibilities that lie ahead on the human path. Sanity and reason returns, once faith has been established within each individual, which is then projected out into human community.

Once again, the heart will lead the way and the mind will follow. Courage and love will return to Mankind and a new found joy in living will emerge within your world.

To this end we are pleased to see that you are still willing to communicate our messages of hope, our messages of love, of true understanding of the mystery, which is in reality, no mystery at all, just what is and what always has been the way within your world of darkness and delusions. For, we can see the truth in matters and not just matters of the heart. We understand the workings of men's minds and their fears of the future. For, when one looks from a place of fear, then fear will color your view of reality.

Mankind must begin to be courageous and see the world through the eyes of Eagles, not egos. For, the Eagle can see far, since he can view physical reality from a great height. A height that enables him to see a bigger picture and greater connections between life forms. So, you must be as the Eagle and ascend to great heights before viewing ones life or reality.

For, from up here where we reside, one can see through the eyes of tomorrow and know what is to come and what can be avoided. We see the dangers as opportunities to make changes within the human community. For, without conflicts, no change would occur. A great tension must be created before one is willing to move beyond appearances and see to the truth of matters and this is not negativity or a negative view---this is an honest view of the state of Mankind.

One has first to be honest before one can make any real changes within oneself or others. For, lies beget lies and truth, begets honest communication and without honest communication, there is no hope of changing physical reality from this nightmare of despair that you all have contributed to, into one of joyous living.

For in joy, is there love and where there is love, is there truth and where truth, hope and where hope, new possibilities for more pleasant systems of reality, rather than this unreality Mankind chooses to live from and in.

See that which is true and you will find that which is beautiful within yourself and others. Then you can create future reality from this place of beauty.

Tyranny? We see this as the tyranny of the ego. It takes many forms within your world. All movements toward freedom are in essence, a movement away from ego direction. Your Governments, Institutions, Religions---all, led by ego. The only hope or we might say, real hope for the liberation of Mankind from the tyranny of the ego, is for Man to once again take responsibility and take a hand on the ego child.

With the help from higher levels of consciousness, can a new maturity be found and Man can direct this ego child in a loving manner and help it to transform into a servant, rather than Mankind's Master. We see a movement toward freedom that is now being led by many individuals, in many Lands, who are being Divinely inspired and taught the hard lessons of wisdom and patience, so as to be the ones to lay a strong foundation for a new tomorrow.

These dreams of justice and equality are strong ones and have influenced the evolution of Mankind for countless centuries in your time. Continue to dream of your liberation from the chains of ego that hold you through the age old human tools of fear and intimidation. Be not afraid and be not intimidated and the chains will loosen and love can again enter the human personality structures.

For with the entrance of love will come a great awakening within the hearts of many across your planet. The heart will again vibrate with the pulse of life and Man will feel again, that which is closer to the true nature of his being. Mankind will regain that lost faith and wisdom that has always waited just beyond the veil that separates the physical realm from the world of Spirit. And by Spirit, we mean God, not ghosts or other creatures of the dark.

The ones of Heavenly Light are His Messengers and bring the gifts of God to Man. Once received, a new outlook will develop and Mankind will again see that which is best within the human spirit and reconnect to their Higher Selves or what some call, the Soul, which in turn will reconnect the individual with God.

For Soul is the bridge between Heaven and Earth and sits upon the Heart Throne. Once, this connection is made, there will be such an outpouring of love and kindness that many will feel as if they have awakened from a nightmare into the arms of a loving mother. They will feel again that calm and certainty that has alluded them for ages and will rest assured that all is well and all goes well within their individual worlds.

As many individuals unite, so will this feeling of happiness spread throughout the Lands until the day when enough of faith and good judgement will exist within your Realm to honestly look at events that within your World are in need of changing. For, the Soul of human community is a larger Soul, which is more than the sum of it's parts and this Soul must be cared for and nourished by those in human form.

Do not attempt to live the dream of a beautiful tomorrow, today, but for now continue to dream of better days to come and rest assured, that all will accrue in what you call, human time. It is because of the dreams of yesteryear that today was formed and formed out of fear, rather than love. The voices of fear were greater than those of love, but by the Grace of God, the balance will change and more voices of love shall be given a voice in the days ahead and these powerful dreams will spread across your Planet and in a matter of time will grow and develop into new less restrictive and less uncompromising systems.

Yes, this will come about eventually. We can help speed up the process, but it is Mankind that must wish for this and do the work that will make it possible.

For, the seeds must be exposed to the Light before they can grow into healthy structures that bear the nutritious fruit that will return Mankind to a healthy state in both body and mind.

Gladness is all around and all within those who walk down the heart's pathway. For, the heart is a vessel that contains the fruits of Spirit. The heart both receives the blessings of light-hearted freedom from fear, but is also the giver of these blessings of Light outward into your World.

For you cannot always see the effects of this hearts-light when it is released into the physical environment, but it's effects are felt by all who come in contact with Spirit. Lovely events and transformations occur within not only the physical structures of Mankind, but also within the physical structures of your World. All life benefits, just as all those who open themselves to the hearts-light will benefit not just today, but for many centuries to come.

This Light is the greatest force in creation and is that which fuels all human endeavors. The heart does not discriminate or treat others unfairly or unjustly, but with a quiet respect.

So, you wish to touch upon the pathway to wisdom. This is one few in your World can follow, but follow you will.

See the events all around you as but indicators of internal events. Now, within you and others we have a great shift in consciousness occuring within this time in your Realm's history. We see wondrous and wonderful changes soon to occur within you and those around you, who choose to follow this pathway toward wisdom. For wisdom is rare and rarer still within the World of Man.

Seek that which will give you not just the greatest happiness, but also the greatest insight. Seek others who wish to look upon events within their individual path, but also world events as they unfold. Not just to look, but to become aware of the underlying reasons why these changes are now occurring within your Realm.

We will talk more on these subjects in future time. For now, do not fight these changes, but embrace the beauty that is about to unfold. Be blest and be a blessing within your Realm. Reach out your hand in friendship and true friendship will occur. Seek like minded and like hearted who will join together for the betterment of all Mankind. Continue on your way and along the way take time to drink in all that surrounds your being. Be not afraid, for Heaven and Earth now join in this enterprise.

Yes, you will see many, many more years of life. Your health will be restored again as your faith continues to restore itself. This is a step by step process, as all learning experiences are step by step until mastery is achieved. Your studies go well and we are pleased as always.

Never forget that your heart is the center and that which connects you to your better nature. Without the hearts-light, you would live the common life, one which would not suit you very well. For you have entered a magical time, a magical world that will take you to greater heights of understanding and wisdom. Think not as others and dwell not on what others think of you. For, their thoughts are fixed upon the common, the ordinary and cannot sail to the heights of understanding.

You are to establish yourself in our abode of peace and show others the way beyond the ordinary life. You are to be a beacon of hope for Mankind as they enter the perilous times ahead. For without hope, how can they continue upon the pathway of the hearts-light. For, the way now appears dim, but soon more will come with the power to illuminate the pathway and lead Mankind to new heights.

For they just now begin to enter this realm and will not be able to assume power for another 30 to 40 years, but this, they will, due to the groundwork that has been done by you and others. For they will come to you, not just to learn, but also to instruct you in their ways.

We wish you to have a loving and calm existence in your last remaining days upon your beloved Earth. For you have been a light upon the land, so that others can see the truth in their existence. Your healing work has shown others a new way to help others and contribute to the community of Mankind in a beneficial way.

Yes, we are here to give you a message of joy. The joy of living one's life in an honest and productive manner and by productive,we mean, doing good works.

You cannot always see the result of these words and how they have effected others in a good and positive manner. For, we are aware of each readers needs and see to it that what is most in need of healing, will be that which will be healed. For we know the secret fears of others and can see clearly that which they hide from others. They are able to deceive many, but not those with the gift of clearsightedness. We can see what troubles them and who troubles them and help them to look upon this clearly within themselves.

We will never push or force one to look into the deep darkness, only that darkness that has arisen and is close to the surface. Once, it has been brought up to the surface, then it can be easily viewed and once viewed fully, it will cease to exist. So, in a way, we act as wish fulfillers. Those with the ability to help those who are sincere of heart and have a burning desire to heal their lives habits, patterns, or obstacles that stand in the way of them expressing their true natures, thus allowing them finally to express their hearts dreams out into your world of limitations.

Although, the world remains one of limitation, the person now has access to unlimited possibility. They will see and feel the truth of this statement and will know truthfully that they have in the past limited themselves by not taking responsibility for the state of their personal worlds. Now, free from the past, they look ahead with hopeful optimism and see and understand that they are only limited by the limits of their dreams.

For faith returns, faith in their own natural ability to change human reality. Faith restored---faith in themselves and faith in God.

Now with clear sight and a heart aflame with the gift of Grace, a great transformation and transmutation will occur within their individual personality structures and those around them will come to understand what is possible and what can occur in the life of an individual who has been opened up to the gift of Grace to Man. Now, they have a gift to be shared with others and a strength and courage that is real and with it brings a confidence and great certainty that they can have a good and positive effect upon physical reality as well as others.

It is as if they have awakened from a long sleep and feel strong and rested again and clear in their minds. No longer a slave of emotion or better termed, ego controlled emotion, but the master of ego, the master of emotion, yet at the same time, a servant to Man. For, as the Prophets of old lived only to serve, so will you again see and understand how important it is to help others to take a hand on their own lives and open themselves to this power.

For this is no ego competition, but a co-operative venture. All are here to work together and create a world that gives comfort, that gives joy, that allows one to freely give of their hearts-light and receive of the hearts light of others.

So, we say to each and everyone of you. Be not afraid! Express your true nature and by so doing, you will be a co-worker in the transformation and transmutation of your planet from one of darkness to one of Light. The Light will show you the way back to your Soul, which in turn, will show you the way back to God. Once done, this heart of yours will radiate such joy outward to others as to infect them and help them to delight those around them.

We the Friends, welcome our friend MNH to this northern land which we too had loved and still love so. The beauty calls to all, yet few can hear the sacred voice. And, what is that voice? The voice of Love, the voice of the Mother and Father. Balanced in the nature of this place. A meeting of Heaven and Earth.

We wish all in this northern land every happiness and thank them all for the warm welcomes they have shown to our messenger. We have chosen him for his love of this place and his love for all places. For he has learned that Love enters his being, then is transferred out into whatever environment that his body occupies. He has learned that Love is the lifeline for Humanity in these perilous days when the darkness grows strong, yet the Light is available to all who wish a better life not only for themselves, but for all others.

Love one another and help one another to heal the wounds of yesteryear in this place so far to the north. Become as those full of light-hearted understanding and peace and spread the Light out to all Lands. Be examples of healing from the heart, which has a fondness for all it touches. Seek calm understanding and release these fears that grip and disorient your lives. Be at peace so you can once again hear the voice of your beautiful Land as your ancestors did so many countless centuries ago and as your descendants will so many countless centuries ahead.

For, past and future will meet in this northern land and from this meeting, will a new willingness emerge. A willingness that allows for the limitation in all, while at the same time allowing the unlimitless to surface and heal that which needs healing. And what is that? So simple a question, demands so simple an answer. YourSelves, yes your Selves to surface---that Self that is aware of it's connection to God and to all of creation. That Self that has a direct link to the human heart. That heart that is connected to the Heart of all hearts. That heart which is the great redeemer, the greatest healer. That heart which weighs all decisions as the wise men do and has all knowledge and skills available to it.

So, our many friends, reconnect again to your hearts light and heal that which needs to be healed upon this land. No longer shall you be ruled by the ego tyrant. For, a benevolent ruler has taken the throne once more.

Look upon each other as helpers and co-workers and no longer as the ego competitors that seek control of one another. Feel the love you already have for the other and all others. Act from this place of love and see the miracles unfold before your eyes.

Now is the time to act! Hear again the joyous voices and allow their music to vibrate throughout your being. See the beauty all around and within you. Look now!

Be not afraid, for the heart knows no fear and acts out of love and kindness. Seek no longer the old knowledge, but embrace the new ways of tomorrow. Know within yourself what is true, so that you will know who speaks of truth and from truth, so that no longer will the dark deceivers manipulate and control your minds and thought processes.

For in Love, is your freedom from all tyranny. Those tyrants who are the slaves of the ego tyrant and are directed from the darkness of yesteryear.

Look forward with eyes full of Light. See the truth and reveal the truth to those who will listen. We will join with all who will join with us, to all who wish a better tomorrow not just for themselves, but for all others and all yet to come in what you humans have termed, the future.

The way will be made easier for all who hear these words. Believe in yourselves and your power to overcome your own limitations. Fear not the dark ones, for they cannot hurt the ones of light-hearted caring. Be strong! For, that strength is already with you and within you.

Awaken today from this nightmare of your own making and rejoice in the endless possibilities that await you on your road ahead. Be at peace and be in love and once again sit upon the throne of Light and radiate the Hearts Light out into your worlds of darkness and see the transformations that will occur in yourselves and in others. Live simple lives and know that all will go well for you and those you touch during this dance of life.

Go to your heart now and feel that love and compassion and share this with others. Now, is a start---a good start. Think only on us and we will come to your aide. We will help you as we have helped MNH these many years. For life is a co-operative effort, a joining together for the good of all. The more who join, the faster the work will progress.

Found no organizations, not institutions, but find each other and help others to find themSelves. Then, a great healing will begin and spread one to the other. This will continue over the course of centuries until one day, again reason and faith will be the masters of Mankind. Then Mankind will once again be the masters of themselves and no longer will the ego tyrants rule.

Start this day and fear not, for love will replace your fear and love will reign again upon the Land.