We whom our friend has termed the four friends welcome you to these pages. For it is our hope that you read these words and decide for yourselves as to their merit. For you have all been given the gift of discernment as well as the gift of free - will. We wish for each and everyone who finds his or her way to these pages to take a gift. Not just the gift of knowledge, but the gift of understanding. It has been our hope and our intention that these words be expressed in a form that would reach out to the many who have faltered on their way to redemption and the restoration of faith, yet now see and understand the need for healing to occur in many for the many. We see a bright future for mankind and wish to convey these words to all who seek a better way of life within your physical realm. We seek to impart a wisdom and a true understanding of what it means to be both human and god-like simultaniously - within these words is a gift of light, of faith renewed, of love for self and all others. We ask that you quiet your minds and wait upon the gift that will arrive to all who are sincere of heart and longing for the strength and certainty of Spirit. Have faith in yourselves and in the promise made to mankind so many countless centuries ago. Renew thyselves through the gift of faith. For in faith, ones love of self and all others will blossom and from this flower will flower many lovely creations. Plant your seeds of the future, water them with the water of Spirit and wait upon the many joyous and beautiful creations that will occur in what you have termed future time. Rekindle the forces of spirit that will burn away your old emotional, thought, and belief structures, that will be replaced by structures that allow for human creativity to flourish and open many to the possibility of a future in which all can take their rightfull places as co-creators of physical reality.